Wastewater Evaporation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Morton-in-Marsh The Fire Service College - Case Study

    Morton-in-Marsh The Fire Service College - Case Study

    Urban Search & Rescue Training CentreIn 2004 Concept Smoke Systems were commissioned to come up with the design and installation of a smoke distribution system for the Urban Search and Rescue facility at the Fire Service College.The extensive, primarily external facility is designed to be representative of a scenario after an urban building collapse, and, depending on trainin

  • Indirect Cooling of Gas Streams

    Indirect Cooling of Gas Streams

    Indirect cooling of gas streams is often preferable because it eliminates the possibility of contamination of the stream being cooled. Other times, the versatility of a direct cooler to provide gas ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    The ES series are horizontal development evaporators with an outer shell for the heat exchange, while the distillate condensation chamber is located above this. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The distance between the free surface of the effluent being treated and the collection plate prevents drag out. and therefore guarantees a higher purity in the distillate.