Wastewater Microbiology

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  • Corrosion in wastewater systems: More than one bug

    Corrosion in wastewater systems: More than one bug

    The role of various bacteria in the destruction of concrete in wastewater systems has been recognized since 1945. Parker1 described the role of an acid producing bacterium that he called Thiobacillus concretivorous, which he had isolated from corroded concrete from a Melbourne, Australia sewage system. Th. concretivorous was described as a sulfate reducing bacterium (SRB) which converts hydrogen ...


  • Clorious2 – the storable chlorine dioxide solution

    Endress+Hauser, a.p.f. Aqua System AG and Brenntag: Three experienced partners presented a joint complete solution at ACHEMA for disinfecting, hygienizing and combating odors in processes.The Clorious2 generator is the first continuous chlorine ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Wastewater Microbiological Testing

    Wastewater Microbiological Testing

    You DO want to know what is in that water! Undertreated wastewater and effluents may lead to microbial contaminations such as algal growth, presence of GMOs, and disease pathogens posing significant risks to the environment and human health. Merck provides complete analytical microbiology solutions and expertise for wastewater testing including specialized growth media, ingredients, supplements, ...