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  • Recirculating Pump
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    Recirculating Pump

    By DeTech Pumps Co. Ltd.

    RSP series Submersible recirculating pump, with quite bigger capacity, but low discharge head, especially suitable for waste water treatment plant. For active sludge return application.

  • Priming System
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    Priming System

    By Smith & Loveless Inc.

    The SONIC START STREAMLINE™ Prime Sensing System is the robust, yet simple pump priming process that delivers the benefits of above-ground, operator-safe S&L pumping systems. When wet well levels rise, the ...

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  • Etaniv B.Y ltd

    Etaniv B.Y ltd

    If you seek after quality and reliability, look no further than Etaniv B.Y. ltd. Etaniv B.Y ltd, is a provider of treatment technologies specializing ...

  • Tsurumi Pumps

    Tsurumi Pumps

    Tsurumi introduced its overseas strategy in the 1960s. Our technical capabilities gained recognition first Asia in the 1970s and then in the United ...

  • P-TEC - Piedmont Technical Services, Inc.

    P-TEC - Piedmont Technical Services, Inc.

    Piedmont Technical Services, Inc. “P-TEC” is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale, start-up and on-going operational training for ...

  • Carter Pumps, Inc.,

    Carter Pumps, Inc.,

    Over seventy five years ago, the Carter Pump was introduced to the water & wastewater treatment market by the Ralph B. Carter Company to handle raw ...


    K. Papakostas S.A. is active in all areas related to water. We represent some of the leader foreign firms in pumping stations, submersible and ...