Wastewater Sludge

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  • Ceramic Sensor, Flush Stainless Steel Probe
    Showcase Product

    Ceramic Sensor, Flush Stainless Steel Probe

    By BD|Sensors GmbH

    The stainless steel probe LMK 387 was developed for level and gauge measurement in wastewater, sludge or water courses. The mechanical robustness of the front-flush ceramic diaphragm faciliates an easy disassembly and ...

  • Wastewater Sludge Conditioner
    Showcase Product

    Wastewater Sludge Conditioner

    By Ecosorb International

    EcoFiber sludge conditioner helps wastewater treatment facilities dewater sludge faster and with up to 40 percent less discharge to the environment. By conditioning sludge with EcoFiber, plants maximize the performance ...

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  • Keylife Industrial Fabric

    Keylife Industrial Fabric

    KEYLIFE is a professional manufacturer of industrial fabrics in China. It ranks one of top 5 in the industry in the country, with a registered ...



    Terratube is an environmental services company specializing in the dredging, dewatering, and disposal of waste sludge. It has the expertise to deal ...

  • JR Pridham Services Ltd

    JR Pridham Services Ltd

    JR Pridham Services Ltd (JRP) have been providing specialist services since 1987 and together with expert knowledge and widespread industry ...



    Water is one of our most elementary resources and its value is increasing on account of depleting resources. Water management and water technology ...


    We want to import environment technologies to Japan. We deal environmental technologies, such as Water & Wastewater treatment, Sludge treatment, ...