Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Parachute refurbishment facility - Case Study

    NASA Parachute Refurbishment Facility - Kennedy Space Center, Florida Part of the NASA Space Shuttle program included the retrieving and refurbishing of components for reuse, including the Solid ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vertical Chain Sludge Scraper

    Vertical Chain Sludge Scraper

    VA Teknik’s Vertical Chain Scraper is a product that is primarily designed to simplify maintenance at the many small, unmanned purifying plants, referred to as Dortmund tanks. This scraper can also be used at larger treatment plants inside the rectangular clarification tanks sludge pits to ensure that the sludge settles all the way to the suction point.

Upcoming Events

  • Ecwatech - 2020

    Ecwatech - 2020

    ECWATECH - the leading water forum in Eastern Europe, represents the whole range of equipment and services for the rational use, restoration and protection of water resources, water treatment, municipal and industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, construction and operation of pipeline systems, water bottling and other Issues of water sector development. This is the place where the leaders ...


Oct. 8rd - 10th | Moscow

EkoSfera 2020

Oct. 20rd - 20th | POZNAŃ


Sep. 13rd - 17th | Brno