Wastewater Treatment Process (Wastewater Treatment) equipment in Michigan

  • Micropan Complex

    Natural biological promoter ideal to optimize the biological processes of degradation of the organic substratum present in the wastewater entering the wastewater treatment plant. Very good product for the activation of biological wastewater treatment plants and cleaning sewage network. The microorganisms and the enzymes contained into MICROPAN ...

    By Eurovix USA based in Portage, MICHIGAN (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Micropan Oil

    Powder biological promoter specific for the optimisation of biological depurative processes of wastewater with high concentration of oils and fats both of vegetable and animal origin. This product reduces the formation of stringy bacteria (in particular of Nocardia Microthrix and Sphaerotilus). Thanks to its enzymatic components this product is ...

    By Eurovix USA based in Portage, MICHIGAN (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

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    Carus - Polymers

    Carus Polymers are an integral part of many municipal and industrial water treatment processes. Carus Corporation offers a complete line of polymers consisting of cationic, anionic, and nonionic formulations in a wide range of molecular weights. Combining technical expertise in water treatment with a wide selection of products, Carus helps ...

    By Carus Corporation Office in Mason, MICHIGAN (USA). from Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Aquasil - Wastewater Treatment System

    Aquachem provides novel and value-added products* to replace conventional chemistries and meet the needs of wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. Aquasil wastewater treatment is an innovative single-step process based on fast kinetics and synergistic effects and intended for the removal of contaminants from the waste stream. The ...

    By Aquachem Inc. based in Canton, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • EVALED - Vacuum Evaporator Systems

    Wastewater treatment through evaporation is an efficient, clean, chemical free way to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater. Evaporation is selected for wastewater treatment applications when other filtration methods, such as Ultrafiltration, cannot reduce the level of VOC or other compounds contaminating wastewater. The ...

    By PRAB, Inc based in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Waste Water Treatment Equipment Product line

  • Model RT-65 DB Series - Manual Batch Wastewater Treatment Unit

    Simple, safe, and cost effective method to treat almost any aqueous based wastewater effluent. Treats a drum of wastewater for less than $10.00. No hazardous treatment by-products. Guaranteed to meet discharge limits to local sewer. Compact Design. Low capital cost. Low maintenance, available 3 year, 100% parts replacement warranty. Ideal for ...

    By Wastewater Engineers, Inc. based in Oxford, MICHIGAN (USA). from Equipment Product line

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    WesTech STM-Aerotor™ - Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Package Plant

    The STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Package Plant uses Activated Sludge and Fixed Film technology as part of a process that provides biological nutrient removal for municipal wastewater treatment.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA). from Biological Treatment Product line

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    WesTech HydroDoc™ - Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor

    The HydroDoc™ Rotary Distributor is the most efficient and best operating rotary distributor available anywhere. Trickling Filters can be a reliable part of the efficient operations of wastewater treatment plants. The HydoDoc™ is completely hydraulically driven, just like our Standard Rotary Distributor.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA). from Biological Treatment Product line

  • AquaMB Process - Multiple Barrier Membrane System

    The AquaMB Process is a multiple barrier system that integrates biological treatment and clarification with dual barrier filtration consisting of cloth media and external membrane separation. It is ideal for wastewater plants that require optimum performance and flexibility at the lowest cost of ownership. Compared to multiple unit processes and ...

    By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA). from Membranes Product line

  • Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Completely customizable circular plants with central circular clarifier. The annular portion of the plant can be designed with integral flow equalization, series or parallel anoxic or aerobic zones, digestion or sludge storage. RAS, WAS and Scum Air Lift Pumps provide process control. Individual plants can be designed for peak flow rates of ...

    By Aquarius Technologies, LLC Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA). from Treatment Plant Product line

  • MultiStaged Fixed Biofilm System

    Aquarius provides an array of technology-driven biological solutions that use microbiology in a smarter way. Our systems are designed to lower the quantity of biological sludge produced saving our customers’ time and money. Our proprietary, patented technology is efficient at meeting wastewater treatment objectives. The Aquarius attached growth ...

    By Aquarius Technologies, LLC Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA). from Treatment Plant Product line

  • AdvanTex AX20 Treatment Systems

    Orenco's AdvanTex® Treatment Systems provide environmentally sustainable treatment of residential wastewater flows. They are the ideal solution for difficult soils, small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, nitrogen reduction, and disinfection.

    By Orenco Systems Inc. Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA). from Advanced Treatment Systems Product line

  • Chemical Feed Systems - Alum Skid System

    This particular Skid System is used to pump Alum into wastewater, which is used for coagulation during the wastewater treatment process.

    By Lutz-JESCO America Corp. Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA). from Chemical Feed Systems Product line

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