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Water Aeration Equipment

  • Surfair

    The Surfair is a direct-drive floating impeller pump type aerator. It’s simple design is based around a screw-type auger impeller rotating at speed within an enclosed tube. This allows for the lifting of large quantities of liquid through the tube that are then directed out over the surface of a basin or tank in a flat splash pattern to mix and ...

    By PCPL - Patrick Charles Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA. from Aeration Product line


    The ASPIRO is a surface mounted self-aspirating propeller type aerator that draws atmospheric air below the water surface and transfers it via a hollow induction shaft into a highly mixed horizontal water stream not unlike the wake of a boat. This efficiently creates fine bubbles and mixes air and water into any lagoon, tank or other basin that ...

    By PCPL - Patrick Charles Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA. from Aeration Product line

  • Model R-Series - Rotary Lobe Blowers: rugged and economical

    These compact rotary lobe blowers belong to the group of dry running positive displacement pumps. This means that there is no need for oil or grease in the compression chamber. Only gear box and bearings, which are separated from the pumping chamber, are oil lubricated. Two non contacting triple lobed rotary lobe rotors rotate against each other ...

    By Gardner Denver Schopfheim GmbH based in Schopfheim, GERMANY. from Rotary Lobe Product line

  • Roots - Universal RAI Blowers

    For assistance in sizing a blower, please contact us and provide the following information: CFM and PSI required. Altitude of installation if over 2000 ft. Maximum ambient temperature.

    By based in New Hyde Park, NEW YORK (USA). from Aerators Product line

  • Diffusers

    Various aspects have to be taken into consideration when dealing with the dimensioning of containers of fluidity circuits. As a result there will be no failures or problems during later operation. An important factor is the rotate time of the medium. Problems concerning the air- and dirt precipitation will occur should the rotate time be too short ...

    By Alphafluid Hydrauliksysteme Müller GmbH based in Pliezhausen, GERMANY.

  • Brush Aerotors

    Brush aerators aerators have a important location within aerators which carry out mixing and aeration in the biological treatment plant. Particularly; they are used oxidation ditches and carrousel systems, for which nitrification and denitrification is carried out in the same tank volume. While current is created toward front with rotor's ...

    By SAS Treatment Systems based in ÇAYIROVA, TURKEY. from Aerators Product line

  • SIGMA - Model 100 hp - Low Speed Mechanical Surface Aerators

    The Purestream Sigma low speed surface mechanical aerator is the result of years of development and refinement from hundreds of successful installations. The Sigma aerator offers the user unsurpassed durable construction, flexible design and maximum efficiency for wastewater treatment. These features make the Sigma Aerator the most cost-efficient ...

    By Purestream ES, LLC based in Walton, KENTUCKY (USA). from Purestream Inc. Products Product line

  • BWT - Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser

    Structure: 1.Membrane:Adopted the EPDM/Silicone  to melt. It can restrain the ageing effectively of the membrane, and protract the using life over 8 years. 2.Slit Hole :Adopted the '^' shaped for perforating to prevent adverse of waste water effectively and the bubble would be less than 0.3nn during aeration. 3.Base :Made by PP+FIBER GLASS , ...

    By BIOWATERTECH PRODUCT (BWT)CO., LTD. based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • Membrane Aerator Elastox-R

    Exchange old ceramic pipe aerators to avoid the problem of stowing which leads to a reduction in the vital biological cleaning effect. A sufficiently flexible rubber material is more suitable for a fine dispersion aeration system. A large number of fine air holes are opened only by working pressure – and are closed afterwards automatically. ...

    By IFO Vattenrening, AB based in Bromma, SWEDEN.

  • Ceramic Fine Bubble Diffusers

    The Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. Ceramic Fine Bubble Diffusers were developed for use in environments which require the delivery of fine gas bubbles in extreme duty applications. Ceramic fine bubbles diffusers have consistently delivered the highest gas transfer rates of any type of diffuser devices available. The relatively small bubble ...

    By Diffused Gas Technologies Inc. based in Lebanon, OHIO (USA).

  • Lagoon Aeration

    Lagoon aeration is used to improve the BOD levels within a given lagoon. We’ve achieved 25% improvement in Ashford Common Clean Water Site, on request of Thames Water.

    By ATAC SOLUTIONS LTD based in Maidstone, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Toro ProCore - Model 648 (09200) - Turf Cultivation

    From the innovative wheels within the coring path, to the large 48 in. (122 cm) aeration swath, there's nothing ordinary about the ProCore® 648 aerator. Years of research, customer input, testing and attention to detail went into making the ProCore® 648 the most productive and efficient walking aerator on the market.

    By Miller Lawn & Power Equipment based in E Marion, OHIO (USA). from Aerators Product line

  • Ceramic Diffusers System

    Diffuser aeration is used in a wide range of environments which require the delivery of bubbles into the liquid. Bubble sizes are controlled by the volume of gas injected into the liquid and by the particular grade size of the ceramic media used. The matrix pore structure of the ceramic is predominantly formed and will provide consistent high ...

    By O I Filtration Ltd based in Barlaston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Malmberg - Bottom Aeration System

    Malmberg Bottom Aeration System has been carefully planned, from design to installation. The aeration system is made of membrane diffusers, tube diffusers or vertical diffusers.

    By Malmberg Water AB based in Yngsjö, SWEDEN. from Water Treatment - Aeration Product line

  • Model SEP - Oxygen Generator

    Oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on site and offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid. Oxywise oxygen generators are available in 20 standard models with capacity ranging from 0,4 to 150 Nm3/hour at 95% purity. The design is made ...

    By Oxywise s.r.o. based in Piešťany, SLOVAKIA. from Oxygen Product line

  • H2K - Model DTA Series - Diffused Aeration Tank Stripper

    H2K's Patent Pending DTA series non-fouling air strippers are designed to handle the harshest environment where high levels of suspended solids, iron, bacteria, or hardness are present and where low maintenance is of high priority.

    By H2K Technologies, Inc. based in Corcoran, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Stripping Product line

  • Bubble Diffusers

    Activated sludge wastewater aeration, Industrial wastewater treatment, Oxygenation for sludge stabilization, Aeration of ponds

    By U&D Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • Oxyflex - Model MS70 - Membrane Tube Diffuse

    The OXYFLEX MS70 membrane tube diffuser is a tube diffuser with a plastic body. The carrier structure is a polypropylene pipe. Mount the membrane on this pipe and fasten it on. In general, tube diffusers are installed in pairs on round or rectangular tubes. The body is floodable and this means that it generates only slight buoyancy.

    By Supratec GmbH based in Simmern, GERMANY. from Supratrec Tube Diffusers Product line

  • Gandy - Turf Aerators

    Gaudy offers aerators with cither 3 4' coring spoons or with slicing knives, and in a choice of 34',4. 5.6&8-ft. widths. Independent action of the dual-wheel coring sections or arms is common to all of the models. The larger models feature spoons or knives on paired disks rotating independently, each pair having its own grease lilting to ...

    By General Implement Distributors based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Aerators Product line

  • Titan - Model EL - Hydrogen/Oxygen Generation Systems

    Unitized Dual Module Skid: Versatile 56, 66 and 80 Nm3/hr configurations, Up to 99.9998% H2 purity, Automated, 1 to 100% supply range, Easy to use graphical touch screen interface, One touch start and stop functionality, Easily interlocked with facility instruments, Oxygen purification skid optional

    By Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Hydrogen/Oxygen Generation Systems Product line

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