Water Aeration Equipment in Germany

  • Model R-Series - Rotary Lobe Blowers: rugged and economical

    These compact rotary lobe blowers belong to the group of dry running positive displacement pumps. This means that there is no need for oil or grease in the compression chamber. Only gear box and bearings, which are separated from the pumping chamber, are oil lubricated. Two non contacting triple lobed rotary lobe rotors rotate against each other ...

    By Gardner Denver Schopfheim GmbH based in Schopfheim, GERMANY. from Rotary Lobe Product line

  • Diffusers

    Various aspects have to be taken into consideration when dealing with the dimensioning of containers of fluidity circuits. As a result there will be no failures or problems during later operation. An important factor is the rotate time of the medium. Problems concerning the air- and dirt precipitation will occur should the rotate time be too short ...

    By Alphafluid Hydrauliksysteme Müller GmbH based in Pliezhausen, GERMANY.

  • Oxyflex - Model MS70 - Membrane Tube Diffuse

    The OXYFLEX MS70 membrane tube diffuser is a tube diffuser with a plastic body. The carrier structure is a polypropylene pipe. Mount the membrane on this pipe and fasten it on. In general, tube diffusers are installed in pairs on round or rectangular tubes. The body is floodable and this means that it generates only slight buoyancy.

    By Supratec GmbH based in Simmern, GERMANY. from Supratrec Tube Diffusers Product line

  • Oxyflex - Model MT 235-300 - Membrane Disc Diffuser

    The carrier structure of the OXYFLEX MT membrane disc diffuser is a fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene disc. The membrane is fixed tightly onto this disc by means of a plastic ring of fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene.You can install OXYFLEX MT membrane disc diffusers on all types and sizes of pipes and they are also suitable for intermittent ...

    By Supratec GmbH based in Simmern, GERMANY. from Supratec Disc Diffuser Product line

  • Model PWA - Paddlewheel Aerators

    One of the most effective methods of pond aeration. Paddlewheel aerators produce a strong current and thus guarantee that the entire water body will be supplied with oxygen-enriched water. The new bevel-gear transmission comes with a 20% higher effi-ciency rate compared to traditional gears. Chromium-manganesetitanium as material used for the gear ...

    By AQUACULTUR Fischtechnik GmbH based in Nienburg, GERMANY.

  • FLOBULL - Floating Surface Aerator

    The Flobull aerator projects a very emulsified spray of water into the air, thus providing maximum contact with the atmosphere. In this way oxygen in the air is transferred into the water. This process does not raise the water temperature because a sometimes warmer atmospheric contact is compensated through cooling caused by evaporation. Despite ...

    By FAIVRE Ets Distributor in GERMANY. from Surface Aerators Product line

  • Vertical Shaft

    Vertical aerotors fullfill aeration and mixing. This porpuse; They are used; biological treatment processes, aerobic sludge stabilization processes, aeration of natural water reservoirs like rivulets,rivers lakes e.t.s, transfer of gases to liquids. SDMA aerotors consist of motor, reducer, coupling, shaft and impeller. Suitable DIN 42677 T1, one ...

    By SAS Treatment Systems Industry Trade Co. based in Gebze/KOCAELİ,, TURKEY. from Aerators Product line

  • ELASTOX - Model T - Disk Air Diffuser

    The ELASTOX -T disk air diffuser was developed in 1984 for micro-bubble compressed air aeration.

  • Wedge-Lock - Modular Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

    WEDGE-LOCK is a modular ceramic oxygen diffuser. Oxygenation capacity can be changed by adding or removing the basic units without tools. The oxygen diffuser is designed for transport and breeding tanks, as well as all other oxygenation needs. In the Wedge-Lock system the required capacity is assembled from 1-8 basic units and finally the end ...

    By Arvo-Tec Oy Distributor in GERMANY.

  • IFU - Model Typ VMS - Membrane Diffuser

    Vertical membrane diffuser. Very suitable for lift-out constructions. Preferential use in industrial wastewater.

    By IFU Diffusions- und Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Bad Homburg, GERMANY. from Membrane Diffuser Product line

  • Oxyflex - Model OM - Oval Membrane Tube Diffusers

    The OXYFLEX OM oval membrane tube diffuser is an oval tube diffuser with a level degassing surface and highly efficient characteristics.The carrier structure is an oval plastic pipe. Mount the membrane on this pipe and fasten it on. The membrane is permeable and fixed at the ends of the diffuser with stainless steel hose clamps. The body is ...

    By Supratec GmbH based in Simmern, GERMANY. from Supratrec Tube Diffusers Product line

  • Model TRV16 - Small Submersible Mixer

    This submersible mixer constructed in an extremely compact form, with a casing made of high-alloyed stainless steel, is suitable for all kind of mixing tasks and opens up completely new applications, even in glueing, highly aggressive and abrasive media. Variable rotational speeds and variable propeller diameters together with a frequency ...

    By streisal GmbH based in Wangen, GERMANY. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Venturi AirJet Aeration

    Landia’s extensive range of submersible mixers and mixer/aerators add supplementary possibilities to optimize aeration efficiency and oxygen transfer. Sufficient mixing is achieved, solids remain suspended and thoroughly mixed with oxygen enriched effluent, thus enhancing aerobic digestion and improving process efficiency and final effluent ...

    By Landia Office in Zetel, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    ENVICON - Model Type EMR-pur - Membrane Tube Diffuser

    ENVICON membrane diffusers are high-quality products. The ENVICON membrane diffuser type EMR-pur has a special Polyurethan membrane which has a long life time and is resistant to microbial degradation. The optimised perforation ensures that these diffusers can be used for intermittent aeration. The membrane is fixed to the supporting pipe with ...

    By ENVICON GmbH & Co. KG based in Dinslaken, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    ENVICON - Model Type EKR - Ceramic Tube Diffuser

    Ceramic diffusers are used mainly for applications where continuous aeration is required by the process. Furthermore ceramic diffusers are installed in industrial plants where there are problems with the chemical resistance of membrane materials or for ozonation of drinking water plants.

    By ENVICON GmbH & Co. KG based in Dinslaken, GERMANY.

  • Aerator Performance Testing

    The performance of aeration equipment is critical to the successful operation of an activated sludge process. Often, in building a new plant, the performance of such equipment must be tested against the manufacturers specification in terms of power used for the quantity of oxygen transferred to the water.

    By Air Products Office in Hattingen, GERMANY. from Wastewater Treatment Technology Product line

  • CASCADE - Aerator

    Superior lime protection.Extended life.Perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions.Very low noise level.Damage proof: unlike conventional wire mesh screens, the cascade® structure cannot be crushed.Integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles.New: flow rate pca® 0.5 gpm

    By NEOPERL AG based in Müllheim, GERMANY. from Aerators Product line

  • CROWN - Model Type TBL - Lagoon Water Aeration System

    BIOGEST AG developed the CROWN lagoon water aeration system, Type TBL for permanent and effective aeration of waste water treatment lagoons. The CROWN lagoon water aeration, Type TBL, is very simple to retrofitting in existing lagoon water treatment system is succesfully used under operation conditions and reference can be visited.

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Aeration Of Sewage

    For the fine bubble aeration of sewage in activated sludge tanks tubular or dome diffusers of Pantel-B, Flexolith or membrane material are used. Special advantages are a high oxygen supply at a minimum pressure drop for many years. For area aeration disc diffusers are used, achieving highest oxygen efficiency. Didier also supplies complete sewage ...

    By DIDIER Filtertechnik GmbH based in Eisenberg/Pfalz, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    AERZEN Delta Hybrid - Rotary Lobe Compressor Units

    The unique combined experience from the worlds of rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors is the foundation upon which the new groundbreaking and futureoriented Delta Hybrid technology has been developed – the first series of AERZEN Rotary Lobe Compressors. Delta Hybrid, the groundbreaking Rotary Lobe Compressor, is the result of a synergy ...

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY. from AERZEN Rotary Lobe Compressors Product line

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