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Jet pumps for waste water aeration

by Körting Hannover AG     Distributor in Moskau, RUSSIA

In the case of waste water aeration Körting Ejectors fulfil the highest demands that effluent and sewage treatment plants can make on an efficient and reliable oxygen transfer system.

AWAS - Model Aeros - Supplementary Water Aeration/Flotation System

by AWAS International GmbH     Office in RUSSIA

Designed for later installation of vehicle wash facilities to improve the water quality and optimize the existing water treatment system.

EKOTON Industrial Group - Aeration systems for Purpose of the Aeration System

by EKOTON Industrial Group     based in Belgorod, RUSSIA

Aeration systems are intended for uniform distribution of air, supplied from the compressor or blower pump, in layer of water. To solve this problem the system forms small air bubbles which saturate water with oxygen and provide liquid mixing. Aeration systems are used at flotation, in aerobic stabilizers of deposits, in reservoirs, but aeration ...

Aqua - Aeration System for Oxygen Treatment Process

by Aqua Industrial Watertreatment B.V.     Office in Moscow, RUSSIA

The choice for an aeration system is determined based on the need for oxygen in the treatment process, in combination with the operational cost price. AQUA Industrial Watertreatment will gladly advise you on the best solution for your situation.

KNOLL - Model CA 100 - Automatic Fluid Centrifuge

by KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH     Office in Ahlen, RUSSIA

The CA 100 automatic fluid centrifuge is a centrifugal separator for continuous superfine filtering of cooling lubricants and other industrial process fluids. Its main features are high separating capacity down to the smallest particle ranges and automatic sludge draining. The product is thus ideally suitable for bath upkeep on central ...

Liquid Jet Gas Compressor

by Körting Hannover AG     Distributor in Moskau, RUSSIA

Using a liquid as motive medium, liquid jet gas compressors compress gases or vapours with large pressure differences. There is a special ejector design for mixing air or other gases with the motive liquid or for aerating waste water. These ejectors operate at a high gas/liquid mass transfer rate with simultaneous intensive mixing of the liquid ...

KOSUN - Industry sewage pump

by Xi’an HangSi Machinery & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.     Office in ?. ??????, RUSSIA

1. Suction of river mud, soil,sizing agent for agricultural irrigation and also used to liquid transporting in draught and flood seasons in rural areas; 2.Suction of thicker liquid.sewage,paste material,running sand of municipal, chemical , printing and dyeing , medical, shipbuilding, casting , food fields and urban river slurry as well as liquid ...

KNOLL - Model RIK - Return Pumping Station

by KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH     Office in Ahlen, RUSSIA

The type RIK return pumping station is a compact chip conveyor station that may be integrated into a machine bed. It is used for the unmanned transport of medium amounts of chips and cooling lubricants from the processing machine to a filter. This construction unites the characteristics of conventional solutions from chip conveyors and separate ...

AWAS - Biological Wastewater Treatment System

by AWAS International GmbH     Office in RUSSIA

Application tailored biological solution for industrial effluents. The system is a loop reactor with or without filmbed, with a patented aerating system. Inside the reactor there are no devices which need to be serviced or replaced. Works as an individual plant or in connection with AWAS emulsion splitting and flotation plants, UF plants or ...

HORIBA - Model HO-300 - Two-Wire Transmitter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in RUSSIA

Redox potential measurement of various solutions. Suitable for aeration control of sewage treatment and neutralization of chemicals.

BÜCHI - Model F-125 - Recirculating Chiller

by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG     Office in Moscow, RUSSIA

Make your R-220 SE independent of supply lines. Chiller, Rotavapor R-220 SE and vacuum pump from one compact unit, hosted on a trolley. Optimal for one or multiple units.

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