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  • Multi-Tank
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    By Sani-Matic Inc

     Multi-tank CIP Systems are ideal for processes that require frequent cleaning, operational efficiencies, and sustainable solutions, as well as when cross-contamination is not a critical concern.

  • HighComp Subsea Protection Structures
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    HighComp Subsea Protection Structures

    By HighComp AS

    HighComp manufactures various types of protective structures for use in offshore and subsea  installations. In cooperation with our customers, we design and develop special solutions to ensure ...

  • Eco-Smart Drums
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    Eco-Smart Drums

    By ITALPROGETTI engineering S.r.l.

    This sentence, told by a tanner of our area, perfectly sums up the moment we are living. In fact more and more tanneries are changing the structure of their production departments both to be more adaptable to market ...

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  • RethinkH2O

    RethinkH2O helps water intense industries such as automobile and textile manufacturers, hospitals and the hospitality industry identify and address ...

  • SmartSource Water

    SmartSource Drainage & Water Reports Limited (trading as SmartSource Water) does not supply water. We work for you to manage your water bill so that ...

  • H2O Building Services

    H2O Building Services unrivaled expert water consultants help you save water. They are the specialists in water conservation. We have over 20 years ...