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Grassland Restoration

by The Earth Partners LP     based in Brodhead, WISCONSIN (USA)

The Earth Partners’ program for grassland restoration is focused on planting native grass species on fallow, idle or underutilized lands in the Gulf Coast region. This biomass supports the renewable energy market while simultaneously improving the land through increased carbon accruals, improved water quality, and improved soil health.The ...

Water Resources Management Services

by Earth Link & Advanced Resources Development (ELARD)     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Water resource management encompasses a wide range of disciplines and expertise, including integrated water resources management, assessments of the demand and consumption of water for drinking and irrigation purposes, applied hydrology, simulation and modeling of the hydrologic cycle, legislation, river basin management, institutional and ...

Maritime Pollution Response - Coastal Section Services

by Havariekommando     based in Cuxhaven, GERMANY

For the five Coastal States this section organises the marine pollution response at the coasts, the estuaries and the ports as well as on shores and beaches. We establish the contingency plan for marine pollution response and we develop further response strategies and techniques. Our section purchases all technical equipment needed, such as oil ...

Water Quality Assessment

by EcoMetrix Incorporated     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Awareness of environmental conditions early in the project development process leads to informed planning decisions. In this context EcoMetrix offers a wide range of services related to water quality assessment for industries.

Biofouling Control

by H2O Inc. and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.     based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA)

Biofouling or biological fouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, algae, or animals on wetted surfaces. The conditions inside a cooling water system are ideal for biofouling organisms in the microscopic larval stage to enter the system, settle, and grow. Broadly speaking, the effects of marine growth on the plant are (a) losses in plant ...

Marine pollution · consultants

by Canarina Environmental Software     based in Canary Islands, SPAIN

Marine pollution occurs when harmful effects, or potentially harmful effects, can result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms. Most sources of marine pollution are land based. The pollution often comes from nonpoint sources such as ...

Aquatic Toxicology

by Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC)     based in Traverse City,, MICHIGAN (USA)

Aquatic toxicity tests are frequently used in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits Program to identify acutely and chronically toxic effluents and receiving waters. At the Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC) we have the experienced staff, equipment, and the resources necessary to conduct effective effluent ...

Wastewater Engineering

by Wright-Pierce     based in Topsham, MAINE (USA)

The effective management and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is critical to maintaining public health and a clean, safe environment. Wright-Pierce's Wastewater Engineers have a wealth of experience in treating wastewater and its residuals from small decentralized systems to large, complex municipal and industrial systems. Over our ...

Water Supply Engineering

by Norfolk Ram Group, LLC (Norfolk Ram)     based in Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Norfolk Ram specializes in water supply management projects for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients. We provide our clients with expert guidance regarding protection of ground and surface water supply. Our clients benefit from Norfolk Ram's up-to -date knowledge of regulations regarding groundwater, including preparation of ...

Water Engineering

by Wright-Pierce     based in Topsham, MAINE (USA)

Safe drinking water is essential for life and sustainable sources of quality water are critical for community and economic prosperity. Wright-Pierce's Water Engineers know how to treat, store and convey clean, pure drinking water from ground and surface water sources to the tap. Wright-Pierce provides a full range of water engineering services. We ...

Water Quality Assessment Services

by Geo-Processors USA, Inc.     based in Glendale, CALIFORNIA (USA)

By our definition, the salinity (total dissolved solids) of saline waters can range from 1 g/L and upward – a nominal value above which most of the known direct beneficial uses would be impossible or not suitable for large scale application, unless treated beforehand. For the purpose of a systematic water quality assessment and process ...

Jar, Pilot and Full-Scale Plant Testing Service

by MJM Environmental Pty Ltd.     based in Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

MJM Environmental is an industry leader in jar testing, pilot plant testing, and full-scale plant trials. The design and operation of water treatment plants based on extensive process testing has numerous advantages including the following: Reduced treated water quality risks, Clear understanding process limitations and risks, Optimisation of ...

Water Engineering Services

by Stewart Environmental Consultants, LLC.     based in Fort Collin, COLORADO (USA)

Stewart Environmental has been recognized nationally for innovative designs in water and wastewater treatment. One of Stewart Environmental’s areas of expertise lies in the ability to evaluate and value treat problematic water or wastewater. We assist clients in designing taylored systems that meet compliance requirements and provide clients ...

Water Quality Investigations Service

by MJM Environmental Pty Ltd.     based in Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

The management and optimisation of the operation of distribution systems can have a significant impact on water quality. Some of the water quality issues that can arise include the following: Microbiological non-compliance, Low free chlorine residual levels, Elevated pH, High THM levels, Dirty water complaints relating to iron and manganese, Taste ...

Wastewater Engineering

by Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.     based in Abingdon, MARYLAND (USA)

We provide our engineering expertise for new facilities, upgrades to existing facilities, as well as trouble-shooting to eliminate existing odor or infiltration/inflow problems associated with sewerage and industrial wastewater facilities. Keeping abreast of and utilizing innovative technological strategies has enabled us to design cost efficient ...

Wastewater Engineering

by Horner & Shifrin Inc.     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

We offer a full range of environmental/sanitary engineering services encompassing the management of air pollution, solid waste and hazardous substances, along with wastewater, stormwater and drinking water.

Wastewater Engineering

by Entech Engineering Inc     based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Whether the project is big or small, involves collection, treatment, or pumping, is new or renovation, Entech’s staff of environmental engineers, scientists, designers, and CAD operators are an experienced and capable team that can help solve the wastewater problem at hand. Our overall experience, competent ...

Marine Pollution Management Services

by Interactive Oil Spill Training Center Inc. (IOSTC)     based in West Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Industries, Resort properties, Parks and recreation areas, Integrated coastal management

Water Engineering

by Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.     based in Abingdon, MARYLAND (USA)

The success of our team of engineers, architects, scientists, and surveyors in the design of water systems stem from our application of years of experience and ability to communicate efficiently with our clients and their operating staff.

Australian Drinking Water Framework Implementation Service

by MJM Environmental Pty Ltd.     based in Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

The 2004 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines came into effect in 2005. The new guidelines are designed to provide a framework for good management of drinking water supplies. The key distinguishing feature of the new guidelines is the introduction of the Framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality. The structure of the framework is ...

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