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  • How to measure humidity in an environmental test chamber

    How to measure humidity in an environmental test chamber

    Environmental test chamber refers to equipment that can simulate environmental factors, mainly refers to equipment such as temperature, humidity, light, rain, sand, etc.. Among them, the equipment that needs to control humidity is the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The humidity in the environmental test chamber can be controlled autonomously in a certain range. For example, the ...


  • Statement Regarding H.R. 4236

    Statement Regarding H.R. 4236

    Alexandria, VA –– The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and its members support recycling and waste reduction programs in national parks and in communities throughout the United States; however, we oppose efforts to ban ...

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  • Air Stripper Tower Systems

    Air Stripper Tower Systems

    Air stripping is an environmental engineering technology used for the purification of waters containing contaminants. Air is forced through the polluted water to remove harmful chemicals, causing the chemicals to evaporate, and the gas is then collected and cleaned while the cleaned water is pulled to the bottom by gravity.