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  • NSF-61
    Showcase Product


    By Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT)

    XTRM Ply NSF-61 is designed for potable water applications where flexibility is required and is available as unreinforced film as well as a reinforced composite membrane.  EPT XTRM Ply NSF-61 products will meet ...

  • Fabric-Supported Polyolefin Geomembrane
    Showcase Product

    Fabric-Supported Polyolefin Geomembrane

    By Global Plastic Sheeting

    Enviro Liner 8000 is a new fabric-supported polyolefin geomembrane material with the strength and UV resistance for most lining and cover applications.

  • Covered Lagoon Separator
    Showcase Product

    Covered Lagoon Separator

    By RCM Digester

    These digesters produce biogas at ambient temperatures from diluted manure with less than 2 percent solids. To trap biogas, an impermeable cover floats on top of a lagoon filled with flush manure. Covered lagoons are ...

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  • Engineered Linings

    Engineered Linings is a specialist civil contracting company and has been supplying and installing geomembrane linings to mining and other projects ...

  • Ultraflote, LLC.

    Ultraflote, LLC.

    The Ultraflote Corporation has been offering industry-defining internal floating roofs, aluminum geodesic domes, and other prefabricated aluminum ...

  • EC Applications, Inc.

    ECA has earned a world renowned reputation for high quality geosynthetic lining systems, including: Floating Covers (Water / Wastewater), ...

  • Ag Business & Crop Inc.

    Ag Business & Crop Inc.

    Ag Business and Crop Inc. is a growing company that uses the latest technology and information for innovative and measured solutions to a wide range ...

  • VertaseFLI


    Vertase provide a unique service in the assessment and remediation of brownfield land and contaminated sites. With Vertase at your side, sustainable ...