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Water Covers equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    EPT XTRM Ply - NSF-61

    XTRM Ply NSF-61 is designed for potable water applications where flexibility is required and is available as unreinforced film as well as a reinforced composite membrane.  EPT XTRM Ply NSF-61 products will meet your requirements for strength, puncture, tear and UV resistance.  The product is available in an industry leading 120’ ...

    By Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) based in Hillside, NEW JERSEY (USA). from NSF-61 Product line

  • Enviro Liner - Model 8000 - Fabric-Supported Polyolefin Geomembrane

    Enviro Liner 8000 is a new fabric-supported polyolefin geomembrane material with the strength and UV resistance for most lining and cover applications.

    By Global Plastic Sheeting based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Covered Lagoon Separator

    These digesters produce biogas at ambient temperatures from diluted manure with less than 2 percent solids. To trap biogas, an impermeable cover floats on top of a lagoon filled with flush manure. Covered lagoons are used for energy production in warm climates but are limited to odor control in colder climates.

    By RCM Digester based in Berkeley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SFS - Mixhatch

    Mixhatch from PE tubes with flush mounted hatch from durable Foamboardhatchdoor to be mounted in SFS-floating covers. Available in different sizes. and applications.

    By SteFoS bv based in Meppel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model 30 gpm Shower, 3.2 gpm Eyewash - Galvanized Pipe

    Encon's combination shower/eyewash without bowl features: Schedule 80 hot dip galvanized steel piping;  1/2'CP bronze EFW valve;1' CP bronze shower stay open valve with CP ball; SS valve stem; ss push plate actuation graphic;  SS pull rod assembly with actuation graphic.

    By Encon Safety Products, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Galvanized Pipe Product line

  • Atarpol - Model RSP - Reinforced PP Geomembrane

    ATARPOL RSP is a reinforced PP geomembrane manufactured from maximum quality polypropylene PP resins containing a polyester scrim, duly contrasted, that comply with the most rigorous requirements established for their use. ATARPOL RSP contains 97,5% of pure polymer, and approximately 2,5% of Carbon Black, antioxidants and thermal stabilizers. The ...

    By Atarfil based in Atarfe, SPAIN. from Reinforced PP Geomembrane Product line

  • Hexprotect® - Floating Cover System

     Hexprotect® floating cover system (patented) is the result of intense and extensive reasearch leading to a product which fulfills demands of an affordable and wind resistant floating cover for liquids.It offers highly effective solutions to problematic liquid storage systems such as municipal and industrial wastewater, treatment ...

    By Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Inc. (AWTT) based in Harlingen, TEXAS (USA). from Floating Cover System Product line

  • NSF - Model 61 - Launder Covers

    Our NSF 61 Launder Covers are used in water and wastewater treatment projects as odor control hoods that entrap noxious gases generated in the wastewater treatment process. Launder Covers also prevent the growth of algae which can disturb weir flow by elimination of sunlight; this reduces weir maintenance and enhances flow consistency for optimum ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) based in Union City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Launder Covers Product line

  • Shade Ball™ - Thermal Cover

    All text and images on this website are Copyright ChemGiant, 2015. All rights reserved. Duplication in full or in part without prior written permission from owner is unlawful.  Shade Balls™ are an extremely effective way to save money by cutting on fuel costs in heated tanks.

    By Shade Ball Solutions based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Hexa-Cover® - Floating Cover

    Today Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks. Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations globally, making the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover the market leading solution

    By Hexa-Cover A/S based in Thisted, DENMARK.

  • T-HEX - Self-Adjusting Lagoon Cover

    The patented T-HEX Cover System provides more efficient production and management of municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons. Molded from HDPE, T-HEX, hexagon modules are placed on the surface of a lagoon, a self-filling ballast maintaining the stability of each module independently. The interlock design of the modules provides a ...

    By JPS Industries based in Bristol, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • BUHexa - Floating Cover System

    BUHexa-Cover is a patented floating cover system for water storage tanks. This unique system covers the surface of your tank for 99% and is the perfect solution for covering large storage systems. This floating system will reduce 95% of evaporation and up to 95% of constant reduction of emission. Furthermore, the system will reduce odors by up to ...

    By Buwatec B.V. based in Almkerk, NETHERLANDS. from Floating Cover System Product line

  • Evaporation Mitigation Covers

    Evaporative water loss is a growing environmental problem throughout the world. IEC covers provide an effective solution to mitigate this problem by shielding the water surface from wind and sunlight. Unlike floating ball and hexagon shaped covers, IEC covers do not have hundreds or thousands of seams or interstitial spaces that rotate and move. ...

    By Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Evaporation Mitigation Covers Product line

  • ISS - Foil Lagoon

    Several liquids like water, waste-water, sludge, manure and several other liquids can be stored in the foil lagoon.The foil lagoon can have a capacity from 250M³ up to 15.000M³ and even more, and can be installed with or without a floating cover. If the liquid needs to be mixed, we can supply several mixing systems.The foil lagoon is a ...

    By Industrial Storage Systems B.V. based in Drachten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Armor - 4 Inches Thick Shell Hollow Plastic Shade Ball Cover

    AWTT INC. Armor Ball hollow ball cover systems offer highly effective solutions to problematic liquid storage systems such as municipal and industrial wastewater, treatment processing plants, metal and petrochemical plants, leachate, airports, raw water reservoirs and other applications for heat retention and waterfowl deterrent.

  • Hexprotect - Model MAX R - Insulating Floating Cover

    AWTT INC. Hexprotect Max R insulated floating cover system (patented) is the result of intense and extensive research leading to a product which fulfills demands of an affordable, wind resistant, high insulation (R17+), floating cover for liquids. This floating insulated cover offers highly effective solutions to problematic liquid storage systems ...

    By Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Inc. (AWTT) based in Harlingen, TEXAS (USA). from Insulating Floating Cover Product line

  • Floating Anti Algae Water Tank Cover

    The woven polypropylene material offers excellent UV protection preventing Algae growth, prevents wind-borne debris entering the water and allows rainwater to permeate through. The structure of the cover is maintained using 40mm PVC pipe which is inserted into integral pockets, with caps securing the pipe ends.

    By Evenproducts Limited based in Evesham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Floating Anti Algae Water Tank Cover Product line

  • Custom Boat Covers

    Boat covers are attached to the tower at its highest point with nylon straps and buckles to give the cover plenty of pitch for rain water runoff without attaching ANY fasteners.

    By O`Brian Tarping Systems based in Wilson, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Custom Boat Covers Product line

  • OLFACIF - Outdoor Sliding Cover

    Our sliding covers are maintained by wires system attached to concrete shells. The opening is operated using a 'come and go' system (manual or motorized). The rainwater is evacuated occurs towards the interior of the works through screens or is redirected towards gutters.

    By Ciffa Systemes based in RENNES CEDEX, FRANCE. from Outdoor Sliding Cover Product line

  • OLFACIF - Flexible Covers with Beam

    Our flexible covers with beam are maintained by using wires fixed on the beam one side and on a concrete wall on the other. The evacuation of rainwater occurs outwards.

    By Ciffa Systemes based in RENNES CEDEX, FRANCE. from Flexible Covers with Beam Product line

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