Water Debris Containment

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Dam Removal- Case Study

    Dam Removal- Case Study

    The Tait Station Low Head Dam located in the Great Miami River in downtown Dayton, Ohio was constructed in 1935 to supply cooling water as part of coal-fired electric generating power plant (Tait Station).  To increase recreational use, riverfront revitalization and eco-tourism ERC was hired to remove the 83-year-old dam which was constructed of reinforced concrete with flashboards.  It ...

  • Field Project : Eastern Wyoming - Case Study

    Field Project : Eastern Wyoming - Case Study

    Project Location: Eastern Wyoming Volume of soil: 2750 yd3 Contamination type(s): Gasoline and diesel fuel Average level of contamination: 3800 PPM diesel; 60 PPM gasoline Results from confirmation ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Aperture Drum Screen

    Dual Aperture Drum Screen

    With the growing popularity of finer screening to protect sensitive processes and downstream equipment, plants been installing two-stage fine screens. While this approach is beneficial, it can be costly. Ovivo® offers the ideal solution. The smaller footprint and lower operating costs of the dual aperture Duet™ screen combines a 3mm fine screen with a much finer mesh screen of 300-1800 ...