Water Decolorization

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  • Shaanxi yutianhua Coal Chemical Wastewater Treatment

    Shaanxi yutianhua Coal Chemical Wastewater Treatment

    Application: Wastewater from Coal Chemical Industry Scale: 2400m³/d Process: Jiarong tubular membraneINTRODUCTIONProcess flow:Natural gas wastewater——Facultative / Aerobic——Tubular TMBR——Clear liquid——Reuse for circulating cooling water Location: Shaanxi, China


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  • Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

    Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

    OHP Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is an environmentally safe grade of hydrogen peroxide specially developed for its use in OHP wastewater treatment plants or in Fenton chemical oxidation treatment processes for reduction of COD and TOC in wastewaters. A clear, transparent and slightly viscous liquid, it is completely miscible in water in all proportions. It has been proven stable at room temperature ...