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  • Peanut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

    Peanut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

    The environmentally-friendly continuous peanut shell charcoal making machine is mainly used for carbonization of biomass materials such as sawdust, rice husk, hemp straw, straw, nutshell, and coconut shell. The


  • Data Center Water Use

    Data Center Water Use

    At a time when California’s scrutiny of water use is so intense that waiters are asked to refrain from serving water unless diners request it, the more than 100 billion gallons of water required by the state’s 800-plus data ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • High Temperature Treatment Unit

    High Temperature Treatment Unit

    The econ High Temperature Treatment Unit is a continuous process designed for the treatment of catalysts and activated carbon contaminated with mercury, mercury sulphide (HgS), sulphur, and hydrocarbons. The HTTU uses a direct fired thermal oxidation technology for the high temperature (700 - 1000 °C) destruction of mercury compounds and oxidation of sulphur and hydrocarbons. During the ...

Upcoming Events

  • 2020 WIOA Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

    2020 WIOA Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

    All water industry personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of urban, rural and industrial water related infrastructure for the management, conveyance, treatment, discharge and reuse of water and trade wastes should attend this conference. If you're an operator, manager, engineer, consultant or professional or someone who is working in the water industry or just has an interest in ...