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    OTT Cable Way Systems - Leaflet

    For vertical method based discharge measurements, cable way systems are essential. Mobile measurements in water may be too dangerous and measurements cannot always be performed from bridges or survey vessels. Therefore, cable way systems have been used in numerous rivers and canals and proven to provide dependable service for many years. Their functional and rugged design ensures installation ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    OTT Sonicflow Ultrasonic System - Leaflet

    OTT Sonicflow is used for discharge measurement in rivers and canals around the world. Thanks to up-to-date ultrasonic technology and smart signal evaluation, the rugged measuring system provides precise values even in shallow waters. It can be used for waters between 5 m and 200 m in ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    OTT Q Liner2 ADCP Boat - Leaflet

    The OTT Qliner2 measures flow (discharge) in rivers and channels. It consists of a robust, reliable, ultrasound Doppler current profiler, a Bluetooth transmitter, a boat to hold the profiler and a watertight PDA (Personal Digital ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    OTT Q Liner2 ADCP Boat - Operating Instructions

    The OTT Qliner 2 system uses ultrasound to measure the water speed and depth of rivers and open waterways and in this way measures the discharge. The Qliner 2 does not contain any mechanical moving parts that could be jammed or damaged during the measurement and can be operated from the edge or from a ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    Monitoring of Fuels in Stormwater - Brochure

    The Situation A major pipeline company has large storage tank farms throughout the Western States. The pipeline company transports, stores, blends additives, and distributes gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to retail service stations and airports. Due to the quantity and movement of fuel at these facilities, there is always the potential for fuel spills. These facilities prevent out of compliance ...

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    WWETCO - FlexFilter™ Brochure

    Over 750 communities with combined sewer systems are challenged by heavy rains or snowmelt which can overwhelm the capacity of their local treatment facility. The result of these events is excess wastewater pollutants being discharged directly into nearby streams, rivers, or other waterbodies. The WWETCO FlexFilter™ can provide a significant tool to combat these pollutants from combined ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    TD-5100 ECA - Scrubber Wash Water Overboard Discharge Monitor - Datasheet

    The TD-5100 ECA helps protect the environment from unwanted high levels of contamination in exhaust gas scrubber wash water ...

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    PWTech - Cyclone - Patented Self-powered Drum Screen Brochure

    Manufactured from 316L or 304L stainless steel, then electro-polished, the Cyclone bolts directly to a chamber wall over the outlet, or spans across the CSO chamber from weir wall to chamber wall. The shaft bearings are also stainless steel and are sealed for life. Drum sizes are up to 25 inches in diameter and 42 inches long. Cyclone applications include storm water tank discharges, pumping ...

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    BIOPAQ®IC Anaerobic Industrial Effluent Treatment - Brochure

    With anaerobic effluent treatment almost every industry can decrease (production) costs and meet tighter discharge ...

    By Paques B.V.

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 13.17.02 - Water discharge Measurements: RBC Flumes Manual

    RBC flumes are used to measure the quantity of water that, for instance, flows through an irrigation channel. By comparison to known flumes, such as the WSC-and the Parshall flume, the RBC flume is the most accurate. The RBC flume has been specially designed for use in smaller water ways or earthen channels (irrigation channels, in- outlets, furrow, ditches, etc.). The RBC flumes is a simple and ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Purolite MB378 Demineralization - Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Mixed Bed Resin MSDS

    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Identification of the substance or preparation and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Identification of substance or preparation: Purolite® MB378 Trade name or designation of mixture: Polystyrene sulphonic acid Polyvinyl benzyl trimethyl ammonium hydroxide EC Number: Not applicable REACH Registration Number: This mixture is exempted from Registration ...

    By Purolite Corporation

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    Purolite MB378LT Demineralization - Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) - Light Color Cation MSDS

    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Identification of the substance or preparation and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Identification of substance or preparation: Purolite® MB378LT Trade name or designation of mixture: Polystyrene sulphonic acid Polyvinyl benzyl trimethyl ammonium hydroxideEC Number: Not applicableREACH Registration Number: This mixture is exempted from Registration according to ...

    By Purolite Corporation

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    Modelling: optimisation chemical dosing and insight in impact cooling water discharge

    IntroductionSurface water is commonly applied as cooling water for power plants and industrial facilities and as a source for desalination plants to produce drinking water. An important aspect in the operation of intake and outfall systems is to minimize the environmental impact during operation. Such impacts include the impingement of fish and other (protected) species, discharge of heated ...

    By Sweco Nederland BV

  • Evac EcoVac - Vacuum Tanks - Brochure

    Evac EcoVac vacuum tanks are ideal for black and gray water collection on board large vessels, making them a viable option for cruise ships. The Evac EcoVac offers excellent energy efficiency which today is more important than ever. Vacuum tank systems consist of a tank with a typical volume of 1.5 m3, vacuum pumps, and sewage discharge pumps. In a system with an Evac EcoVac unit, the whole tank ...

    By Evac E.U.R.L.

  • Stormwater Asset Management Software Brochure

    Track and manage assets to minimize flooding, erosion and water pollution. Whether you’re expanding to meet construction growth or managing drainage and illicit discharge to protect water quality, Accela Asset Management provides an integrated work order and asset tracking solution to keep your agency compliant and your system operating ...

    By Accela, Inc.

  • Model ECO-EGC - Multi-Pollutant Exhaust Gas Cleaning System - Brochure

    Ecospray has developed the ECO-EGC, a proprietary high performance multi-pollutant Exhaust Gas Cleaning System. The ECO-EGCTM confidently meets and exceeds all sulfur emission requirements and complies with all major water discharge ...

  • High Speed Isolation Valve Brochure

    The High-Speed Isolation Valve provides a solution for vital explosion isolation applications. It operates in milliseconds to provide a mechanical barrier within a pipeline. The High-Speed Isolation Valve has a stainless-steel body incorporating a full ported stainless-steel valve gate. The valve is designed to withstand a 150 Psi pressure wave from a deflagration without deformation. Closure is ...

    By IEP Technologies, LLC

  • TrashTrap - Netting Systems - Brochure

    FreshCreek is committed to improving water quality and offers the industry’s best solutions for removing pollutants from stormwater before they are discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans. FreshCreek’s trash removal solution, TrashTrap, combines the natural energy of the water’s flow with disposable mesh nets to capture and easily remove trash, floatables and solids from ...

    By StormTrap, LLC

  • Universal Cells with Sewer Discharge Brochure

    Single or multi fixation sensors. Measurement by sampling from pressure water. Integrated electronic convertor. Transparent front face for easy maintenance. Integrated and calibrated flow detector (min. 30 l/h). From 1 to 4 measured parameters. Optional electronic flow ...

    By Syclope Electronique

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