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Model BPF03 - Water Repelent

by Blaukaiser     based in Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Unpainted Bricks, concrete, cement and other masonry surfaces.

Multidem - Water Demineralizer System

by W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH     based in Bürmoos, AUSTRIA

The water demineralizer system Multidem supplies top quality demineralized water  for generating steam in autoclaves. As a result, it ensures consistent and optimized  performance, thereby extending the service life of your sterilizer or purification unit.

Hydro - Model AccuDose - Dispensers

by Hydro Nova Europe Ltd     based in Bracknell, UNITED KINGDOM

AccuDose dispensers are an economical way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets or other containers at the touch of a button. With AccuDose Series dispensers, dilution is controlled by drawing chemical through metering tips of varying size and injecting this metered amount into the water flow.

KAISERGLASS PRO - Model BPF01 - Protecting Facades

by Blaukaiser     based in Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Glass corrosion coating and protection stops corrosion by repelling water, dirt and oil .

Osmo - Sterilizers System

by W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH     based in Bürmoos, AUSTRIA

High quality demineralized water guarantees consistent, optimal performance and extends the life of your sterilizer  and of your instruments.

Hygiene Coatings

by Epoxyman Industrial Coatings (Pty) Ltd     based in Howick, SOUTH AFRICA

The 'hygienic surface' concept has become an issue of growing commercial interest. The control of harmful micro-organisms in the community may incur costs exceeding 2 billion euro per annum and collateral costs from illness and product spoilage could far exceed this value. Surface coatings for hygiene control - systems offering proven long term ...

Blue RO Water Purifiers

by Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd     based in UAE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Why go in for Domestic water purifiers and use water only for Drinking when you can use mineral water for your everyday usage like Drinking, Bathing, Cooking and washing etc., by installing shivsu canadian clear Mineral Water on Your TapR System.

Kodsan - Model KA Series - Water Storage Tank

by Kodsan     based in Ankara, TURKEY

Accumulations tanks are used for storing the conditioned water hygienically in heating and cooling systems. Usually, a heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, fan coil, etc.) is mounted behind. CFC-free polyurethane insulation material is used in all products which has a low heat loss.

Water System Cleans & Disinfections

by B & V Water Treatment     based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM

B & V Water Treatment has a fantastic team which specialises in the cleaning and disinfection of all water systems. Having your system cleaned can help reduce levels of microbiological fouling and also prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Build-up of slime and sludge on the inside and outside of equipment can lead to high levels of ...

UV Systems for Domestic Water Supplies

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The EN Range is the smallest range of UV units, making them ideal for domestic use.

Leveluk-R - Water Ionizers

by Enagic - Kangen Water     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic's 'starter' models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget. You can start enjoying the benefits of drinking alkaline Kangen Water with the Leveluk-R today, and move onto the flagship SD501 at a later time. This machine produces both drinking waters and Beauty Water (see below), with 3 ...

Water Ozonising Devices

by Water Systems s.r.l.     based in Verduno CN, ITALY

Our ozonising devices for water conditioning and bottles and caps disinfection satisfy the most exacting demands on product safety, hygiene and operational reliance by means of an advanced technology especially developed to comply with the needs of the modern bottling industry.

BacTerminator - Model BTD - For Drinking Water Systems

by Adept Water Technologies A/S     based in Herlev, DENMARK

The ideal method for drinking water disinfection: primary and secondary disinfection without adding chemicals to the drinking waterThe unique electro disinfection technology in the BacTerminator ensures the most efficient water disinfection method on the market. Primary and secondary water disinfection with a single unit. Bacteria and other ...

BacTerminator - For Food Process Water Systems

by Adept Water Technologies A/S     based in Herlev, DENMARK

The unique electrolysis technology in the BacTerminator ensures the most efficient water disinfection method on the market. Primary and secondary water disinfection with a single unit. Bacteria and other microorganisms are common in process water systems.

Aquadron - Water Disinfection Technology

by Aquadron     based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

How does the aquadron system work? Aquadron is a disinfection technology developed in Germany. The system is installed at hundreds of sites around the world. It is effective as a water treatment system, for the control of pathogens, and is used as a disinfectant system in the food industry, brewing and beverage industries and more.

Disinfection and Chemical Cleaning

by Feedwater Ltd     based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM

Disinfection and Cleaning  Disinfection and physical cleaning water of domestic water, food processing and evaporative cooling systems is essential if water hygiene is to be maintained and the risk of Legionnaires Disease is to be controlled. We offer a comprehensive range of disinfection services, using a range of disinfectants including ...

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

by Rotatek Arıtma ve Çevre Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

With the help of 254 nm UV rays, microorganism existence in water is prevented at the ratio of 99,99 %. Ultraviolet systems in general, are used for enabling microbiological disinfection in water and enabling hygiene in water we use. 185 nm wave length UV ray is used for removing hydrocarbon (TOC). These kinds of special systems have field of ...

Beverage Production Disinfection

by Aquadron     based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

The Aquadron is GUARANTEED to improve hygiene in beverage and bottling lines.  It can also reduce energy and water use and save time on clean-in-place (CIP) cycles. The Aquadron can provide continuous disinfection during a running bottling process. This reduces the risk of microbiological contamination of the beverage and ensures that a ...

Model 115 - Disinfectant Sanitary Cleaner

by Depac     based in Eschen, LIECHTENSTEIN

Acidic, water based concentrate with a pleasant smell, for loosening and removing of all non-organic build-ups. Cleans wash rooms and shower cabinets. Dissolves urine scale from urinals and toilets. Removes rust stains from tiled surfaces and is an excellent cleaner for chrome plated sanitary fittings. Functions at the same time as a ...

ProMinent - Model Sigma/ 1 (Basic Type) - Motor Driven Metering Pump

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Capacity range 17 – 144 l/h, 12 – 4 bar. The Sigma/ 1 Basic is an extremely robust motor-driven metering pump with patented multi-layer safety diaphragm for excellent process safety. It offers a wide range of power end designs, such as three-phase or 1-phase AC motors, even for Exe and Exde areas with ATEX certification.

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