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Water Dispensers equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Waterix COOLIT - Model 17000 - Coolers

    Waterix COOLIT -cooler is easy to install and service. The efficiency is higher than in cooling towers. Its main applications are cooling of industrial process water and wastewater or heating plant’s turbine waters. Waterix COOLIT coolers has a superb structure that does not get dirty and is maintenance-free, as it does not have any parts ...

    By W-Rix Ltd based in Parainen, FINLAND. from Coolers Product line

  • Model WL 500 Sparkling - Coolers

    The WL500 delivers exceptional sparkling water and all your chilled and hot water needs too.This self contained, fully programmable model includes multi-stage carbon filtration, ultravioletlight sanitization and large capacity CO2. The WL500 will invigorate your workplace with great taste and refreshment throughout the day

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model MAX Series - Coolers

    The Innowave MAX is designed to exceed the highest demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. With a total of 13 gallons of drinking water storage and an automatic refill feature, there will always be a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water.

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Blusoda - Water Coolers

    Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, the smallest of the Blupura water coolers!

    By Blupura Srl based in ZONA INDUSTRIALE SQUARTABUE, ITALY. from Water Coolers Product line

  • Water Chiller Noise Reduction Enclosure

    Soundproof enclosures for water chillers - Compatible with all main water coolers manufacturers !

    By MS Noise based in Sens, FRANCE.

  • Arctic Cooler

    An evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process - - water evaporation with a simple, reliable air moving system. Fresh outside air, filtered through the saturated evaporative media, is cooled by evaporation and circulated by a suitably sized blower. Adequately designed, such cooling lowers the fresh air temperature ...

    By Desiccant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd. (DRI) based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Bottleless Water Coolers

    Waterstations - the bottle-less water coolers. WaterstationsNow, make your life a little easier with a Bottleless Water Cooler. You can prepare your favorite hot or cold beverage in a matter of seconds with DYNA-PRO's Waterstation - a state of the art bottleless water purifier and dispenser, dispensing Ultra-Pure 'Instant Hot' and 'Instant Cold' ...

    By Dyna-Pro Environmental based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Bottleless Water Coolers Product line

  • InSinkErator - Model F1000S - Water Filtration System

    The F-1000S Water Filtration System is designed for exclusive use with InSinkErator water dispensing systems. It reduces particulates, chlorine taste and odor, allowing you to enjoy better-tasting hot beverages. It has a 1/4 in. quick-connect fitting and is replaced easily without contact with used filter material.

    By InSinkErator based in Sturtevant, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Filtration System Product line

  • Waterlogic - Model WL2000 - Premium Water Dispenser

    An economical and effective POU cooler dispensing safe, clean drinking water for the workplace without the hassle of bottles. Ideal for small offices and factories and the neat WL Station option is a perfect match for coffee machines ; Constant fresh, pure water from direct chill technology. These water dispensers have the ideal capacity for the ...

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM. from Premium Water Dispenser Product line

  • Waterlogic - Model WL950X - Premium Water Dispenser

    A well-known water dispenser combining good capacity for large offices and factories with Waterlogic’s in-tank UV purification; Advanced machine with UV technology to eliminate bacteria. Designed for the workplace. Display shows water dispense temperature.

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM. from Premium Water Dispenser Product line

  • Freshwater Geo‑Cooler

    The Geo‑Cooler™ is the perfect solution for land based drilling with access to fresh water. The Freshwater Geo‑Cooler™ is the industry standard for mud cooling needs in all HPHT and geothermal drilling areas of the world – both onshore and offshore. This proprietary mud cooler design incorporates the power and ...

    By Drill Cool Systems, Inc. based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Freshwater Geo‑Cooler Product line

  • Quench - Model 750 - Bottleless Water Cooler with UV

    The Quench 750 is packed with features, including hot, cold, and ambient water, ultraviolet sanitization and BioCote(R), an anti-microbial treatment on surfaces. Typically serving up to 65 users, the Quench 750 looks great in showrooms, lobbies, reception areas, and anywhere else that you need a virtually endless supply of great-tasting filtered ...

    By Quench USA, Inc. based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Bottleless Water Cooler with UV Product line

  • Hydrefiner - Water Filtration Systems

    RainSoft’s compact, economical, carbon block drinking water system tucks neatly under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of purely delicious water through your dedicated RainSoft faucet.

    By RainSoft - part of Aquion, Inc. based in Roselle, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Filtration Systems Product line

  • Model DIS-668 - Water Dispenser without RO

    Hot, warm & cold water. Without RO system built inside the unit. 3.5 liters cold tank & 2 liters hot water tank. Chilling and heating capacity up to 5.5 liters/per hour.

    By Crystaline Water Master Co. Ltd. based in Taichung City, TAIWAN.

  • S.I.T.A. - Model Domestic Series - UV Disinfection Systems

    The UV disinfection systems of the DOMESTIC SERIES are the smallest equipments manufactured by us, both for dimensions, and for capacity of water treated.Being characterized by compactness and ease in installation/servicing, they have been specially studied for single users, flats or as a fundamental completion for other equipments (small osmose ...

    By S.I.T.A. srl based in Genova, ITALY. from UV Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Quench - Model 970 - Ice/Water Dispenser

    Water and ice, from the same space-saving machine! The Quench 970 is a filtered water cooler and ice dispenser in one that produces Chewblet nugget ice along with an endless supply of pure, fresh water. And it’s clean lines make it an attractive addition to any lunchroom or smaller office space. State-of-the-art purification, featuring layered ...

    By Quench USA, Inc. based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Ice/Water Dispenser Product line

  • Model Zeneer Power (TOC) - RO & UP System

    Certified CE, Certified NRTL(UL), Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Obtained GD, QD Mark (Good Design, Qualified Design), Awarded the Korean Excellent Products, Built-in RS 232C Port, Built-in volumetric dispensing function by timer, Auto calibration for water sensors, Auto regular recycling to maintain the optimum water quality level.

    By Human Corporation based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from RO & UP System Product line

  • Waterlogic 2 Firewall - Model WL2FW - Premium Water Dispenser

    This exceptional machine dispenses truly great water – and is the little sister of the innovative WL4 and by virtue of its smaller size is a great office water cooler when space is at a premium. It combines the same breakthrough technology and practical design in a workplace cooler providing cleaner, fresher point of use water. The ...

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM. from Premium Water Dispenser Product line

  • MTN - Model VS115 - Stainless Steel Cooler

    Our stainless steel cooler is designed to fit right in with today's modern appliances. It is crafted on top of our proven cooler technology and is made of special smudge resistant stainless steel. The filtration model comes with our dependable, dual mechanical float and lid. It can easily be converted to a bottled water model by removing the float ...

    By MTN Products, Inc. based in La Verne, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Stainless Steel Cooler Product line

  • Aqualite - Model RO/RI - Water Purification System

    AQUATHIN iites the way into the future of Water Purification with the AQUAL1TE'' The AQUALlTEn' Water Purification System is comprised of three patents to give you the most effective and efficient water treatment system in the universe.

    By Aquathin Corp. based in Pompano Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Purification System Product line

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