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Water Distillation equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    HydroGen - Model Series HG PRO - Gas Generators

    The HydroGen series HG PRO is able to generate up to 1500 cc/min of Hydrogen with purity better than 99.99999% and pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi). The HG PRO includes a new long life multilayer electrolytic cell with polymeric membrane (PEM) using distilled water. No acid or alkaline solutions are used.

    By LNI Swissgas SA based in Versoix, SWITZERLAND. from Gas Generators Product line

  • Premium

    VACUDEST - Model 2,100 - Wastewater Vacuum Distillation System

    Maintenance friendly design to optimize system availability. Comfortable Vacutouch control system including internet connection. State of the art technology stands for highest distillate quality. 2,100 m³ industrial wastewater / year.

    By H2O GmbH based in Steinen, GERMANY. from Wastewater Vacuum Distillation System Product line

  • Stuart - Aquatron - Model A4000, A8000 & A4000D - Water Stills

    Three models are available giving outputs of 4 or 8 litres/hour single or 4 litres/hour double distilled water. The high quality PYREX borosilicate glassware coupled with silica sheathed heaters gives pyrogen free distillate of the highest purity from virtually any raw water supply.

    By Keison International Ltd. based in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Stills Product line

  • QCT - Condensation Tester

    The QCT condensation tester simulates the damaging effects of outdoor moisture attack by condensing warm water directly onto test specimens. In a few days or weeks, the QCT tester can reproduce the damage due to moisture that occurs over months or years outdoors.The QCT tester is fast, easy to use and affordable. It uses 100% condensing humidity ...

    By Q-Lab Corporation based in Westlake, OHIO (USA). from Condensation Tester Product line

  • Model 2500EP - Gas Generator

    This gas generator works only with water and electricity through the process of water’s electrolysis. The gas generated (hydrogen and oxygen) produces a neutral flame which develops a temperature of about 3650 °C and can weld, braze or solder all non-ferrous materials in a short time compared to traditional systems. The gas coming out ...

    By Oxyweld snc based in Sacile, ITALY. from Gas Generator Product line

  • Model 25 Litre - Distilled Water Drums

    Distilled water suitable for laboratory use or use in other trials. Also suitable for use in specific processes and projects due to its very low level of microsieamens. Distilled water with a distillate conductivity of 1-4 microsiemens/cm. Larger quantities available on request at reduced prices.

    By Acorn Water based in Bandon, IRELAND.

  • Kaiyuan - Model LDS-5SS - Multi-effect distilled water machine

    Multi-effect distilled water machine Easy to install1.Fully drainable 2.Zero dead legs (as far as technically possible) 3.All connections, sealing’s etc. free of unnecessary gaps corners etc. 4.Gasket material temperature resistant up to 130 ℃ and FDA certified. 5.Pipe connection of sterile design. ...

  • Xamacol - Model 15 Liquid - Natural Yellow Liquid Feed

    XAMACOL 15 LIQUID is a natural yellow liquid feed premixture containing 15 g/kg of total carotenoids, 12 g/kg lutein and 0.75g/kg zeaxanthin, with distilled water as a carrier. Packaged in 1,000 kg polyethylene drums or in bulk, this product has a 12-month of shelf life when stored under specified conditions.

    By Novus International, Inc.. based in St. Charles, MISSOURI (USA). from Natural Yellow Liquid Feed Product line

  • Emcee - Model 1140 - Micro Separometer

    The Model 1140 Micro-Separometer is a electro-mechanical instrument used to perform four discrete tests. ASTM Standard Test Methods D3948 (Jet), D7224 (Jet) and D7261 (Diesel) are used to rate water separation characteristics and D4860 (Jet or Diesel) detects and numerically rates free water and particulate contamination.  This instrument ...

    By Emcee Electronics Inc based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model Ci series - Economic Water Distillers

    The economical answer to wastewater treatment. The Ci series provides small producers of wastewater with a simple low cost method of water treatment. These models are ideal for dealing with waste ink, paints and oil emulsions and much more besides.

    By Solutex Ltd. based in Ellesmere, UNITED KINGDOM. from Economic Water Distillers Product line

  • Mascarini - Model FA-HRS series - Thermo Compression Stills

    The Mascarini Thermocompression Stills FA-HRS series and ThermoPharma Thermocompression Still BD series produce distilled water for injectable use which meets the requirements of the International Pharmacopeias including USP, EP and JP.They are also widely employed in many other industries such as: Food, Film, Electronic and Fine Chemical.

    By Stilmas S.P.A. based in Settala, ITALY. from Thermo Compression Stills Product line

  • Model 300058 - Waterproof Refractometer

    Cover the entire 0-95% brix range with one instrument along with nD (refractive index), temperature, and dextran, fructose, glucose, lactose and maltose scales. Housed in a protective rubberized IP67 Waterproof case to safeguard the electronics from wet environments and makes for easy clean ups. A scratchproof sapphire lens ensures continued ...

    By RWC Testing & Lab Supplies based in El Paso, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model 2002 - Single Distillation Water Stills

    GFL Water Stills are used in research and development e. g. for preparing bacteriological and medical samples, for cell and tissue cultures as well as for the production of reagents and unguents. Moreover, distillate is used for cleaning and sterilisation processes, for buffered solutions as well as microbiological and analytical applications.

    By GFL - Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH based in Burgwedel, GERMANY. from Single Distillation Water Stills Product line

  • Friend Instrument - Model FDH-0171 - Automatic lubricant oxidation stability tester (rotating bomb method)

    Scope of applicationThe instrument is the first domestic product in China, instruments with LCD touch screen automatic control system instead of the original paper records .The operator just put the sample into the instrument, the instrument automatically detects, print the results, the whole process without human conduct. The principle is to put ...

  • Pure Water - Model Midi-Classic - Premium Water Distiller

    The Midi Classic produces up to 7 gallons of distilled water daily and stores 5 gallons. This premium water distiller makes plenty of fresh distilled water for small to mid-sized families. Dispense the distilled water from the front of the machine or add a pump and it will deliver water to faucets around your house.  The Midi Classic is made ...

    By Pure & Secure, LLC. based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA). from Premium Water Distiller Product line

  • Water Beads / SAP Spheres

    When dry, these opaque little balls are available in three sizes: 1 mm, 2.5 mm and 4.0 mm. When placed in warm water for several hours they swell up to several times their size! The 4 mm balls turn into perfectly clear little spheres of 1.5 – 2.0 centimeters. They even bounce when you throw them on the floor!

    By M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc. based in West Dundee, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Beads / SAP Spheres Product line

  • Sedifilt - Bleached Cotton Cartridge

    Bleached cotton cartridge with stainless steel core meets food standards for use up to 130 C. For distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acids, and alcohols.

    By Sedifilt - Syntech Fibres (Pvt) based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • Pre Weighed Sucrose

    Pre-weighed sucrose for use in preparing a gradient either manually or with the autogradient builder.  Add distilled water to prepare 250 mL of 8% and 24% concentrations

    By CPS Instruments Inc. based in Prairieville, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Epiphany - Model MVR - Recirculating Evaporator/Crystallizer Technology

    Epiphany's proprietary MVR Crystallizer uses a recirculating evaporator/crystallizer to achieve an efficient zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solution that is extremely compact in size.  The use of mechanical vapor re-compression reduces energy use, while the re-circulation system drastically reduces fouling/scaling on the heat exchange ...

    By Epiphany Water Systems based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Dehumidifying Water Device

    SunToWater has innovated a Green device that creates water by dehumidifying outdoor air. This device is currently being tested within Intertek, NTS and similar facilities’ in preparation to certify it for commercial sales in 2019. Similar to how solar panels collect electricity, SunToWater devices can be combined together to produce more ...

    By SunToWater Technologies LLC based in Richardson, TEXAS (USA).

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