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  • Trickling filter design guideline – How do trickling filters work?

    Trickling filter design guideline – How do trickling filters work?

    Please watch the video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/r-0wRzGbSqwTrickling filters are biological reactors within wastewater treatment plants which are used to remove organic matter and/or ammonia from wastewater. Compared to the activated sludge process the microorganisms are not suspended in the mixed liquor but they are attached to a fixed bed surface. No


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  • Underdrain For Corrosion-Resistant System

    Underdrain For Corrosion-Resistant System

    The innovative Ovivo® FlexScour® underdrain design eliminates the two problems that have plagued other air + water cleaning systems, namely the improper sizing of variable diameter orifices and media displacement with surges or irregular flows. Reduced backwash and storage requirements make the system compact and economical, and enhances its ability to operate on a low influent head.

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  • Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    This webinar is intended to provide a "blueprint" for program managers to properly implement an effective program through the identification of required tasks. The presenters will explore potential obstacles and provide insight into obstacle resolution. The webinar is intended to provide insight to prospective and experienced backflow prevention program managers with a focus on developing, ...