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Water Distribution Equipment available in Zimbabwe

  • RITOP - Process Control System

    RITOP is a process control system for all plant sizes. Besides its object-oriented process management, it is characterized by its adaptability to integrate with many different automation and measuring systems. Custom-made, sector-specific system packages comprising Rittmeyer’s many years of experience and competence with water and energy ...

    By Rittmeyer based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Network Control Technology Product line

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    FlushInspect - Drinking Water Network Systems

    Determining the necessity to flush a drinking water network systems. Both particles contained in drinking water and corrosion on unprotected metal pipes cause sediments. One essential measure to assure a specified drinking water quality level is to remove such sediments whenever the pipe condition requires such maintenance (flushing intervals ...

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Measurement Product line

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    Aqua - Model M70 D - Geophone/Testrod to Detect and Locate Leakages

    The Aqua M-70D device is applied to pre-locate and to calibrate leakages in water supply network systems. The device is supplied with a testrod which is so sensitive that even smallest leakages can be detected. As the testrod can be used in any position, it is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and valve trains and to conduct ...

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Leak Detectors Product line

  • Precision Distribution Control Adjustable Nozzles

    Whether dealing with hillside topography, a curved flowerbed, or other special landscape installations, challenging angles demand nozzles that adjust to their surroundings. Hunter Precision Distribution Control™ Adjustable Nozzles cover any angle needed on any landscape with the accuracy of a fixed nozzle. Engineered to emit larger than ...

    By Hunter Industries based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from NOZZLES Product line

  • Premium

    Aclara STAR, ZoneScan - Model 820 AMI - Correlating Leak Logger

    The STAR ZoneScan system combines the strengths of leak-detection technology from Gutermann International and two-way fixed network AMI technology from Aclara, yielding a more powerful, efficient method of detecting water main leaks. Deployed at regular intervals throughout the water pipeline network (attached to valves via the integrated magnetic ...

    By Gutermann AG based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Permanent Network Monitoring Product line

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    HORIBA - Model TW-100 - Water Distribution Monitor

    HORIBA’s TW-100 is a process water quality measurement system designed for drinking water and water distribution plants. The TW-100 monitors turbidity, color, free chlorine and pressure. This chemical free method reduces operating costs as it requires minimal maintenance and improves process control.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Process & Environmental - Water Treatment & Environment Product line

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    Aqua - Model M100 D - Geophone/Testrod to Detect and Locate Leakages

    The Aqua-M100D is used in the water supply bussines to pre-locate (testrod) and to calibrate leakages (geophone). In combination with the Pulse Wave Generator (PWG), it can also be applied to trace the run of a pipeline. The testrod has been developed by F.A.S.T GmbH and features an extremely high sensitivity. It has been designed to detect even ...

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Leak Detectors Product line

  • Track-O - Model Cross-Country Utility - Electrical Distribution Equipment

    The Track-O Cross-Country Utility is an equipment specially designed for the requirements of the electrical distribution industry. This model makes it possible to transport transformers too hard to access places and install and/or replace them with the winch. This tool is very safe and very stable, making it possible to move transformers weighing ...

    By Movex Innovation based in Shawinigan, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Electrical Utility Equipment Product line

  • Premium

    Aqua - Model M50 D - Pre-Locate (Testrod) Leakage Detector System

    The Aqua M50 device features a high sensitivity level and thus is capable of detecting even smallest leakages. The device is perfectly suited to listen to water meters located at narrow and convoluted spots due to its handy size. The fitter can have it with him/her in a trouser pocket, e.g. when replacing a water meter. Also valve trains can be ...

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Leak Detectors Product line

  • AVK - Model 36/80 - Gate Valve with PE Pipe Ends

    AVK gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail. The wedge is fully vulcanized with AVK’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound. It features an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process and the sturdy wedge design. The triple safety ...

    By AVK International A/S based in Galten, DENMARK. from Water Distribution Product line

  • IPEX AquaRise - Hot & Cold Potable Water Distribution System

    IPEX introduces AquaRise, a hot and cold potable water distribution system for commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. Based on over 15 years experience designing and manufacturing industry-leading CPVC systems, AquaRise offers numerous benefits over metal with a system that’s fully approved for noncombustible applications. Like all ...

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • Pipe-with-the-Stripe - Polyethylene Piping System

    IPEX polyethylene Pipe-with-the-Stripe features a permanent colored stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the pipe and will always be visible.

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • Showcase

    ZoneScan - Model Alpha - Permanent Network Monitoring for Water Loss Management System

    More and more smart cities install ZoneScan Alpha as their all-in-one intelligent water loss management system to permanently and sustainably reduce Non-Revenue Water. Once installed, the system will automatically notify you of every leak in the monitored pipe network and at the same time give you exact locations of every leak. The software will ...

    By Gutermann AG based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Permanent Network Monitoring Product line

  • Primayer - Model Xilog+ - Telemetry water network data logger

    Data Logger, IP68 protection for logging of flow, pressure, level and other variable such as pH, TDS etc. From single to 9 channel units available. Local or remote communications using GSM or GPRS. Especially usefull for NRW engineers and technicians.

    By Indecx Instrumentation based in SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Phocus - Model 3 - Leak Noise Logger

    Phocus3 is an advanced leak noise logger designed for detecting and localising water leakage. Wireless communications allows both 'lift and shift' or permanent distribution network operation. On site leakage results may be obtained via the Communications Module with detailed analysis carried out on the host software.

    By Primayer Ltd based in Denmead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Leak Detection Product line

  • Q45WQ Water Quality Panel

    ATI’s Model Q45WQ Water Quality Panel is a flexible system designed for continuous, on-line monitoring of multiple parameters in municipal water distribution systems and potable water treatment facilities. The instrumentation contained in each Water Quality Panel is selected by the end user and customized to meet your individual monitoring ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water Monitors Product line

  • YSI - Model 6920DW - Monitor Drinking Water In Distribution System

    The YSI 6920DW is a portable instrument which measures free chlorine, turbidity, and other parameters. Take readings at multiple points along a drinking water distribution system; the collected data gives you a comprehensive view of your water quality and can help you detect events of concern.

    By YSI - a Xylem brand based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA). from 6-Series - Multiparameter Sondes Product line

  • Model LD2100 - Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller Monitors

    The SeaHawk LD2100 distance-read leak detection controller monitors up to 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) of sensing cable.  Robust and web-accessible, it is compatible with all SeaHawk sensing cables and the SD-Z spot detector.Designed to monitor large facilities and complex leak detection networks, the LD2100 can be configured as a Modbus master ...

    By RLE Technologies (RLE) based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Liquid & Water Leak Detection Equipment Product line

  • IPEX - Solvent Cements and Primers

    IPEX cements are formulated to the highest standards in the industry and manufactured with the strictest quality control. That’s what enables us to offer a full system warranty with every complete IPEX system – pipe, valves, fittings and cement.

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • AVK - Supa Lock™ house connections

    The Supa Lock™ system, with its patented design, guarantees a 100% corrosion free joint combined with fast and easy assembly with maximum flexibility. Thanks to its simple and ingenious design, Supa Lock™ offers long-term safety with optimum protection against corrosion and leaks and also protection against accidental disassembly of ...

    By AVK International A/S based in Galten, DENMARK. from Water Distribution Product line

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