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Engineered Water Distribution Equipment (Water Distribution) equipment

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    LumenAER - Solar-Powered Water Circulator

    This solar-powered circulator collects low-oxygen water from the bottom and exposes it to the surface for rapid oxygenation and distribution. The LumenAER® low-energy circulator provides an environmentally friendly solution to a variety of water quality problems that affect storm water, leachate, wastewater ponds, and lakes. It efficiently ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Aeration Equipments Product line

  • Model EMU - Vulcanizing Presses

    Light construction for flexible use. Equipped for water / air cooling. Robust, flush fitting electric connections with a metal plug locking device. Quick heating time with optimum heating capacity. Quick cooling time due to integrated cooling channels. Optimum pressure and temperature distribution.

    By Nilos GmbH & Co. KG based in Hilden, GERMANY. from Mechanical Engineering Product line

  • Roto-Sieve Rotating Drum Screens

    Separation of solid particles and fibres from liquids. The best possible mechanical separation. Minimal maintenance, self-cleaning, low energy consumption, extended lifetime, increased performance of subsequent wastewater treatment processes.

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Equipments Product line

  • Oxygenator - Diffuser of Oxygen (O2) and Ozone (O3)

    The “Oxygenator by PE” is a Static Diffuser purposively designed to: Mixm, Transfer the Oxygen = O2, Ozone  = O3. Into: Process Liquids. Liquid Mixing of the Production Process. Colture Broth , also called “ Colture Soup”. Fluid Substances, Water and/or Similar Liquids.

    By Process Engineering Srl based in Fenegro, ITALY. from Equipment by PE Product line

  • CETCO MONARCH - Model CPI & SCPI - Oil Water Separators

    Operation of the CETCO MONARCH CPI Separator is simple and efficient.  Liquid flow is introduced into the CETCO MONARCH CPI separator via gravity or at a specific pressure. The CETCO MONARCH CPI Separator distributes flow and creates the necessary laminar flow for proper oil & water separation. The CETCO MONARCH CPI Separator and its ...

    By CETCO Energy Services based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA). from Produced Water Product line

  • High/Ultra Purity Water System

    For industrial processes that demand high or ultra-pure water. We offer a complete line of high and ultra-pure water systems designed for industrial environments. These systems are designed around the unique requirements of your process while maintaining a safe and economical set up that is flexible enough for future growth.

    By ProChem Incorporated based in Elliston, VIRGINIA (USA). from Water Purification Product line

  • EchoShore - Model DX Platform - Continuous Leak Detection Monitoring for Distribution Mains

    Early leak detection is vital for distribution systems, with the ability to identify system failure points before they impact customer service levels. When water resources are limited, early leak detection is a valuable tool in reducing non-revenue water and extending pipe asset life. The EchoShore-DX platform is a fixed leak detection technology ...

    By Echologics Engineering Inc. - a division of Mueller Canada Ltd. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Water Filters

    Automatic backwashing and upflow water filters are the answer for solving common water quality problems. Only the highestquality, proven media and controls are used in a Chandler Systems Automatic Water Filter; for removal of taste, odor, color, sediment, low pH and iron. Our motor-driven piston control valve is the most reliable under even severe ...

    By Chandler Systems, Inc. based in Ashland, OHIO (USA).

  • Water Intake Screen Pipes

    A distributor - collector system comprises many screen pipes (laterals). They are positioned in parallel connected to a central pipe ('header'), or, positioned in star-form and connected to a central collector hub.Principle of operation.A distributor-collector system is used in a treatment vessel containing for instance resin, active carbon, ...

    By Runyuan Filtration Enginerring Equipment Manufactory based in Taizhou City, CHINA.

  • Multi-Tank Water Softeners

    Automatically reduce hardness (calcium/magnesium) and dissolved iron/ manganese along with their unpleasant side-effects. Only the highest quality resin, controls and materials are used in Chandler Systems Commercial Water Softeners. Our motor-driven piston control valve is the most reliable under even severe water conditions and resists common ...

    By Chandler Systems, Inc. based in Ashland, OHIO (USA).

  • Single-Tank Water Softeners

    Automatically reduce hardness (calcium/magnesium) and dissolved iron/manganese along with their unpleasant sideeffects.Only the highest quality resin, controls and materials are used in Chandler Systems Commercial Water Softeners. Our motor-driven piston control valve is the most reliable under even severe water conditions and resists common ...

    By Chandler Systems, Inc. based in Ashland, OHIO (USA).

  • Above Ground Pump Stations

    EFI Is The Premier Manufacturer of Packaged Water Distribution Equipment. All Projects Come Ready for Installation. Just Run Pipes,  Run Electric and it's Ready for Start-Up.

    By Engineered Fluid, Inc. (EFI) based in Centralia, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pump Stations Product line

  • Buried Pump Stations

    EFI Manufactures Below Ground Buried Water Distribution Equipment As Booster Pumping Stations, Pressure Control Stations, Flow Control Stations And Metering Stations. The buried station equipment is enclosed in a specially constructed steel capsule. Particular attention is paid to corrosion protection to make long service life a reality. Access to ...

    By Engineered Fluid, Inc. (EFI) based in Centralia, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pump Stations Product line

  • Phoenix - Backwash Troughs

    AWI Phoenix Backwash Troughs are designed, built and installed for municipal and industrial water treatment facilities.  Fabricated from Stainless Steel or molded from fiberglass reinforced plastic, the Phoenix Backwash Trough has a design that can be adapted and installed into all filter configurations.  Each trough is equipped with ...

    By AWI based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Phoenix Products Product line

  • Pressure Reducing Valve Stations

    Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure Sustaining and Flow Control stations are configured to facilitate pressure and flow control in a portion of a distribution system; such stations are used to create individual pressure zones while allowing movement of water between zones under special demand circumstances. Multiple functions can be built into the ...

    By Engineered Fluid, Inc. (EFI) based in Centralia, ILLINOIS (USA). from Control Valve Stations Product line

  • DiTemp SMARTGeoTex Fabric

    Geo-textile structures, beside reinforcing capability in the field of geotechnical engineering, can be also equipped with FO sensors for monitoring purposes. Thus DiTemp® SMARTGeoTex Fabric becomes an innovative solution that combines the benefits of using geosynthetic materials with the sensing capabilities of FO for geotechnical applications ...

    By Roctest - part of Nova Metrix LLC based in Saint-Lambert, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Leakage Detection Product line

  • Automatic Backwash System

    The deposit of fine matters, such as sand, silt, mud, as well as dead organic matters reduce the flow through the heat exchanger and interfere with the designed water distribution and flow pattern, as well as the required water velocity between the plates. Clogging of the water inlet nozzles by large matters such as twigs, ...

    By WSA Engineered Systems based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Plate & Frame Product line

  • TWS - Decentralized Integrated Infrastructure Platforms

    Infrastructure platforms are for national and international sale and can be used to serve as the core for economic development in small and medium sized communities, Free Trade Zones, industrial parks and resort communities. A platform Includes power generation, drinking water, telecommunications and waste treatment capabilities in one package ...

    By Total Water Solutions (TWS) based in Farrarmere, SOUTH AFRICA. from Others Product line

  • CARMIX - Model 25 FX - Self-Loading 4×4 Concrete Mixer

    Self-loading 4×4 concrete mixer with 3,450 litre drum (759 gal UK – 911 gal US), front shovel equipped with hydraulic opening gate operating speed from 0 to 10 km/h (0 – 6,21 mph) and road transfer speed from 0 to 24 km/h (0 – 14,91 mph) with electric servo-control. Carmix 25 FX is especially engineered for off-road ...

    By CARMIX HESPERIA, S.L. based in Noventa di Piave (VE), ITALY.

  • Ambassador - Steam Surface Condensers

    Ambassador Heat Transfer Company specializes in manufacturing Steam Surface Condensers for steam turbine exhaust. Each Surface Condenser is engineered to offer optimum performance for the turbine application.

    By Edwin Elliot & Co., Inc. based in Lafayette Hill, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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