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Water Distribution System (Water Distribution) equipment

  • Fire Flow Pro - For Water Distribution System

    Our Fire Flow Pro system showcases the dependability of hydrant and water system during their time of need. Insure a reliable water supply for your customers, lower your ISO Score, and insure that you have enough water to fight a fire. If you can turn on a fire hydrant, you already know how to use the Fire Flow Pro.

    By Hurco Technologies, Inc. based in Harrisburg, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Fire Flow Testing Product line

  • Water Distribution Systems

    Corrosion of water distribution systems is a serious problem affecting metal piping and valves, water heaters and hot  water recirculation systems. Dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide can cause severe corrosion to metal piping. Chlorinated water supplies can also result in accelerated corrosion. As a result of this corrosion, ...

    By Parafos - Keytech Water Management based in Amherst, NEW YORK (USA).

  • SAK + Aqua-Pipe - Water Distribution System Renewal

    Aqua-Pipe is a stand-alone structural liner, designed and manufactured to be cured inside 6-inch to 16-inch water mains, eliminating the need to use the more costly and disruptive 'dig-and-replace' method of pipeline rehabilitation. Aqua-Pipe differs from liners used in alternative types of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology in that it was ...

    By SAK Construction, LLC based in O`Fallon, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Flexidur - Water Distribution System

    Flexidur for the water distribution system and winter pipes in cooling towers Fiberdur developed a new GRP piping system “Flexidur” which could be used allowing a pressure resistance up to 6 bars and an angle-flexible connection up to 6 degrees. Flexidur piping system is both a lightweight system and a system than can be installed very ...

    By TPR Fiberdur GmbH & Co. KG based in Aldenhoven, GERMANY. from Special Products Product line

  • Aquaculture Water Distribution System

    Trickling filters and CO2 strippers are common devices in recirculating aquaculture systems. They are often referred to as packed towers. The performance of these towers is controlled by: The type of packing or media. The amount of packing. The shape of the vessel. The ratio of air to water. The temperature. The distribution of air through the ...

    By L. S. Enterprises based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Aquaculture Filtration Product line

  • Superior Protection of Water Distribution Systems

    Eliminate bio-film, Disinfect pipe-work, Disinfect RO system, Disinfect filters, Validated test procedure.

    By Filtration Systems Ltd. based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Water Purification Systems Product line

  • IPEX AquaRise - Hot & Cold Potable Water Distribution System

    IPEX introduces AquaRise, a hot and cold potable water distribution system for commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. Based on over 15 years experience designing and manufacturing industry-leading CPVC systems, AquaRise offers numerous benefits over metal with a system that’s fully approved for noncombustible applications. Like all ...

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • Premium

    Ovivo - Media Filtration Systems

    Ovivo Media Filtration technology comprises of a pressure vessel, media, distribution and collection headers. Typicall filtration flow is down through the media bed, but Ovivo can offer other configurations, given the applciation. We offer a complete line of robust, industry standard, proven equipment. Multi-media filtration delivers high quality ...

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Oil & Gas - Fresh Water Offshore Product line

  • Pipe-with-the-Stripe - Polyethylene Piping System

    IPEX polyethylene Pipe-with-the-Stripe features a permanent colored stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the pipe and will always be visible.

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • NUPI ELOFIT - Model PE100 - High Density Polyethylene System

    POLYETHYLENE FITTINGS FOR WATER AND GAS UNDER PRESSURE.ELOFIT is a High Density Polyethylene – HDPE - PE100 system of electrofusion fittings and special components for the conveyance of water and gas under pressure.

    By Nupi Industrie Italiane S.p.A. based in Busto Arsizio (VA), ITALY. from Gas & Water Distribution Product line

  • URATOP - Model 500 - Bi-Oriented PVC Pipe System

    The solution that delivers maximum efficiency and high performance levels for pressurised water systems.

    By Adequa-Uralita based in Alcázar de San Juan, SPAIN. from Solutions for Water Supply and Distribution Product line

  • Purified - Water Distribution Controller

    The distribution controller controls the distribution pump to deliver water from the pure water tank to points of use. The controller synchronizes with the tank level sensor, and will shut the pump off if the water level in the tank is low.  It can also be programmed to control operation time for the pumps.

    By RephiLe Bioscience, Ltd based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Water Systems Product line

  • IPEX - Solvent Cements and Primers

    IPEX cements are formulated to the highest standards in the industry and manufactured with the strictest quality control. That’s what enables us to offer a full system warranty with every complete IPEX system – pipe, valves, fittings and cement.

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Potable Water Distribution Product line

  • PVC Pressure Pipes

    Water conduits and distribution, conduits for irrigation systems, agricultural installations, conduits for transporting acidic or alkaline solutions, industry, construction, mining, running and insulation of cables, etc.

    By Adequa-Uralita based in Alcázar de San Juan, SPAIN. from Solutions for Water Supply and Distribution Product line

  • Model GFRPP - Fittings for PEAD Pipes

    Water mains and distribution systems, irrigation conduits, agricultural installations, livestock installations, cold water conduits in the following industries: construction, food and drink, chemical, shipbuilding and mining, domestic water intakes, gardening, etc.

    By Adequa-Uralita based in Alcázar de San Juan, SPAIN. from Solutions for Water Supply and Distribution Product line

  • Premium

    LumenAER - Solar-Powered Water Circulator

    This solar-powered circulator collects low-oxygen water from the bottom and exposes it to the surface for rapid oxygenation and distribution. The LumenAER® low-energy circulator provides an environmentally friendly solution to a variety of water quality problems that affect storm water, leachate, wastewater ponds, and lakes. It efficiently ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Aeration Equipments Product line

  • Watts - Solar Kit with Bypass Valve

    Thermostatic kit to connect a solar panel to the boiler for thermic integration. Provide the end user with a constant temperature of sanitary hot water,for installation which uses solar energy coupled with another source, like gas boiler.

    By Watts Industries Europe B.V. based in LZ Eerbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Sanitary, Water Quality and Distribution Product line

  • VACOMASS - Damper

    The VACOMASS® damper is a mechanical stainless steel component, which will be installed in the expansion part of the piping after the control valve. So the noise level can be reduced, which can arise in the expansion part after the control valve. The VACOMASS® damper can be used furthermore in system, where the aeration tanks have a ...

    By Binder Group GmbH based in Ulm, GERMANY. from Air Distribution System Product line

  • Showcase

    Tunnel Filling System Top Loader

    The filling system is used to fill rotting tunnels. A diagonally movable transfer bridge is installed upstream of the tunnel system, which picks up a filling shuttle with transport belt and moves this in front of the tunnels. The filling shuttle is able to enter an assigned tunnel and fill this in layers with the transport belt. On the top, the ...

    By Eggersmann Anlagenbau based in Bad Oeynhausen, GERMANY.

  • Water Weights - Lifeboat Testing Bags

    Water Weights' lifeboat testing system is an extremely safe and simple method of proof load testing. The bags are light and easily positioned and fulfill the requirement for an evenly distributed test load.  A control manifold and pumping system is used to remotely fill and drain the water bags, negating the need for personnel to be in the ...

    By Water Weights Inc based in SUWANEE, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Lifeboat & Davit Testing Product line

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