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A smarter approach to solids control

by Elgin Separation Solutions  (Sep. 16, 2016)

When looking at technical brochures and marketing materials in regards to solids-control equipment, one question that should always come to mind should be: Is this really necessary? Other great questions to ask are: What are my day-to-day needs; and what are my severe, high-duty needs? Finding the right solidscontrol equipment is much like buying ...

What is the pressure limit for my LC column?

by Restek Corporation  (Aug. 31, 2016)

This is a question we get in Tech Services fairly often.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a published limit for every column that we produce, but here are a few of them that we have specified: For 3 and 5 um fully porous particle ...

Why Use a Vibratory Screener Before Packaging Fine Powders?

by VibraScreener Inc.  (Sep. 15, 2016)

When manufacturing fine powder products, such as food additives, pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals, several tools are available to help you produce a higher quality of product. You’ve already put time and effort into the development of quality assurance systems to meet your regulatory requirements — taking the next step ...

Grey Water In Action: But What Exactly Is It?

by RainCatcher Products & Services  (Sep. 8, 2016)

Last month here in the RainCatcher blog we touted the benefits of collecting, filtering, treating, storing and re-using water that lands on your roof, explaining Rainwater Harvesting to those not already in the know: ...

Choosing the Right Vibratory Sifter for Sieving Food Powders

by VibraScreener Inc.  (Sep. 1, 2016)

Food and beverage manufacturers have to adhere to extremely high standards of production quality, both to meet their regulatory obligations and to manage risk when bringing a product to market. Sieving and sifting food powders is a critical step in the manufacturing of several products, one that is responsible for filtering out fine impurities ...

Industrial Maintenance for Compressor Stations

by STI Group, Inc.  (Aug. 3, 2016)

Transporting natural gas via pipelines is very safe and cost-efficient. However, in order for the transportation process to work properly it is imperative that the natural gas be kept at the correct pressure. To accomplish this compressor stations are needed at regular intervals. Let’s take a look at some key components of compressor ...

Precipitation of aluminium and phosphates in effluents treated by membrane filtration - Case Study

Customer Application and Activity Decoral specializes in treating technical components made from aluminium and titanium through treatment steps such as anodizing and polishing. The effluents from its surface treatment plant are mainly contaminated with aluminium and phosphates. Problem to be solvedDecoral was keen to simplify the management of ...

Optimization of operation conditions for domestic sewage treatment using a sequencing batch biofilm filter

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 14, 2016)

A sequencing batch biofilm filter (SBBF) was applied to treat domestic sewage. The bioreactor consisted of fibrous filler in the upper part and ceramsite filter media in the lower part. The impacts of the most important factors including dissolved oxygen (DO), water temperature and hydraulic retention time (HRT) were evaluated on contaminants ...

Case study - Algae control in fire reservoir Häagen Dasz production facility

by LG Sonic  (Jul. 1, 2016)

A 77 meter rainwater reservoir for fire extinguishing purposes was completely covered with filamentous green algae. The green filamentous algae clogs regularly filters located before the jockey pumps.  The Challenge: Control Green Algae and Lower the Use of Oxygen Peroxide Located in Tilloy-lès Mofflaines, France, the 77 meter long ...

Flush Mounted Valve Exposed

by Containment & Filtration Solutions  (Jun. 7, 2016)

The “Other Guys'” answer to standing water??  The flush mounted valve. The “Other Guys'” answer to standing water is the Flush Mounted Valve.  This is a second valve that is installed adjacent to the primary valve and flush with the bottom of the insert allowing for complete drainage. As seen ...

Polyethersulfone/polyacrylonitrile blended ultrafiltration membranes: preparation, morphology and filtration properties

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 4, 2016)

Polyethersulfone (PES)/polyacrylonitrile (PAN) membranes have been paid attention among membrane research subjects. However, very few studies are included in the literature. In our study, asymmetric ultrafiltration (UF) membranes were prepared from blends of PES/PAN with phase inversion method using water as coagulation bath. ...

Preliminary stabilisation of stormwater biofilters and loss of filter material

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 1, 2016)

Stabilisation affects performance of stormwater biofilters operating under intermittent wetting and drying, mainly due to wash-off of filter material. Understanding the dynamics of solids wash-off is crucial in designing stormwater biofilters. The current study analysed the dynamics of solids wash-off in stormwater biofilters and quantified ...

Treatment of leather industrial wastewater via combined advanced oxidation and membrane filtration

by IWA Publishing  (May 23, 2016)

The liming/unhairing operation is among the important processes of the leather industry. It generates large amounts of effluent that are highly loaded with organic hazard wastes. Such effluent is considered one of the most obnoxious materials in the leather industry, causing serious environmental pollution and health risks. The effluent is ...

Parallel evaporation after extraction of liquid dairy samples following the Mojonnier method (ISO 1211:2010) – gravimetric fat determination

by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG  (May 19, 2016)

Parallel evaporation after extraction of milk samples with the Mojonnier The fat in liquid dairy samples is usually extracted with an organic solvent that is then evaporated to complete dryness prior to gravimetric analysis. In this short note, initial conditions and evaporation settings for the parallel evporation of milk fat dissolved in ...

Assessment of the quality, effectiveness, and acceptability of ceramic water filters in Tanzania

by IWA Publishing  (May 10, 2016)

Globally, approximately two billion people drink contaminated water. Use of household water treatment (HWT) methods, such as locally manufactured ceramic filters, reduces the diarrheal disease burden associated with unclean water. We evaluated the quality, effectiveness, and acceptability of ceramic filters in two communities in Arusha, ...

Flint Must Make Us Ask: Is Our Water Ready for an Emergency?

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc  (May 4, 2016)

In emergency situations, providing access to and cleansing water is as important as the availability of the water itself. Even when available, non-potable is a significant danger. The United Nations says diarrhea caused by consuming unsafe water is a top cause of morbidity due to malnutrition, contributing to roughly 60% of deaths of children ...

gaiasafe filter products for drinking water purification - Case Study

by gaiasafe GmbH  (Apr. 25, 2016)

Problem In some water works chlorination of drinking water is used to eliminate mikrobes. Chlorinated water may have disagreable taste and smell. Some water works use aluminium salts to clean the water. This leads to low concentrations of aluminium in drinking water. Today it is known that aluminium may be toxic to men. Old piping installations ...

Tabas coal preparation plant wastewater treatment with membrane technology

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 22, 2016)

The goal of the present work is the Tabas coal preparation plant wastewater treatment using membrane technology. Polyacrylonitrile membrane was prepared through phase inversion method and then developed by annealing process. Also, high fouling resistance membranes were prepared by the embedding of TiO2 nanoparticles using self-assembling and ...

Case study - WESPs: Securing a cleaner future for power-generating facilities

by Beltran Technologies, Inc.  (Apr. 11, 2016)

This article explains why wet electrostatic precipitators remain a viable technology for dealing with today's increasingly stringent compliance issues. Despite recent, recession-related volatility in both power generation and consumption, industry analysts expect a resumption of long-term growth trends as continued global demand for energy ...

The Application of Waste Solids Management Vertical Cuttings Dryers as an integral element of a successful Solids Control System

by Elgin Separation Solutions  (Apr. 2, 2016)

In Elgin’s last White Paper, “Common Challenges Relative to the Use of Decanter Centrifuges for Barite Recovery in the Oil & Gas Industry,” a detailed discussion was offered about the complexities involved in achieving effective solids control when deploying a dual-centrifuge “barite ...

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