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Water Filtration Equipment

  • C.I.Agent - EVAC Wastewater Filtration Systems

    The C.I.Agent EVAC Wastewater Filtration Systems are dewatering equipment that use state-of-the-art wastewater filtration and dewatering technology to remove suspended solids and light sheen from wastewater discharge operations in vaults, manholes, elevator shafts, bilges, tanks and more. Its unique four-layer dewatering system utilizes C.I.Agent ...

    By C.I.Agent Solutions based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Vault & Manholes Maintenance Product line

  • Water Treatment & Filtration Equipment

    Various processes within water and wastewater treatment require water flow to be maintained at a constant rate. A variety of technologies are utilised to achieve this constant flow rate, and one reliable and maintenance free method is to use Maric flow control valves.

    By Maric Flow Control Australia based in Magil, AUSTRALIA. from Applications Product line

  • Rosedale - Model WS Series - Water Service Membrane Cartridges

    WS Series Polyethersulfone Membrane Cartridges are designed to meet the special needs of the electronics and high purity chemical industries. These cartridges are resistant to most acids and bases and capable of handling strong sanitization agents. The high flow rates achieved by our cartridges make them an ideal source for central DI water ...

    By Rosedale Products, Inc. based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA). from Filter Cartridges Product line

  • SISMAT - Model OS Series - Belt Filter Presses

    OS-Series belt filter presses are succesfully used both in dewatering sludge from domestic wastewater treatment plants and in dewatering more aggressive sludge from heavy industries. Dewatering is carried out in three steps with increasing pressure level and a very dry cake output is obtained. OS-series belt filter presses are manufactured in ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • SISMAT - Model VSP Series - Belt Filter Presses

    VSP series belt filter presses are the ideal and most economical solution especially for small or medium sized biological wastewater treatment plants. The initial investment costs and energy consumption are very low and operation is easy. VSP series belt filter presses are produced in two different capacities and the dewatering process takes ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • Flomax - Model PP - Pleated Cartridge Filter

    Flomax 100% polypropylene media & support construction offers excellent chemical and heat resistance. All polypropylene components and thermal bonded manufacturing enable the smallest contaminant extraction and higher durability. Flomax filter series are manufactured in an ISO 9001 quality systems standard registered clean-room facility.

    By Toray Chemical Korea based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from Catridge and Micro Filters - Industrial Applications Product line

  • Model ORS Series - Industrial Water Filter

    Designed for installation on the pump suction line, the ORS series strainer provides protection for pumps and other equipment by removing large particles before they enter the system. Cleans itself continuously to ensure debris free water to the system. Available with 1200 or 2500 micron screen. Units can be installed in parallel to handle any ...

    By Orival, Inc. based in Englewood, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Industrial Water Filters Product line

  • Sieve Screen

    Hendrick Sieve Screen recovers usable products that might otherwise be discharged into sewer lines. It reduces solids and BOD levels from plant effluents, thereby minimizing surcharges imposed by municipalities for such discharge. Hendrick's Sieve screen also eliminates the need for high-cost, high-maintenance equipment, such as vibrating or ...

    By Hendrick Screen Company based in Owensboro, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • EcoStorm Plus - Model 1500 - Stormwater Filtration System

    Freytech presents ecoStorm plus, an affordable stormwater filtration system designed to remove sediments, heavy metals and nutrients. Surface water runoff contains significant concentrations of heavy metals and other soluble pollutants. Structural Stormwater treatment systems are effective in removing sediments, but do not remove solubles such as ...

    By Freytech Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Heavy Metals and Nutrient Filtration System Product line

  • Remington - Drinking Water Filter Elements

    Range of high quality ceramic water filters manufactured with high porosity for maximum flow. Proven, tested, reliable and efficient performance. Clean, safe and healthy drinking water for all environments. All sizes and specifications made to customers requirements.

    By Remington Ceramics Technologies Sdn. Bhd based in Simpang Renggam, MALAYSIA. from Other Product line

  • Reinforced Nylon Hot Water GIANT Cartridge Filter Housings

    Keystone’s GIANT reinforced nylon cartridge housings are an economical, high capacity solution for hot water filtration. These units offer a lightweight alternative to costly metallic vessels.

    By Keystone Filter - - a CECO Environmental Company based in Hatfield, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Industrial Filter Housings Product line

  • Model C-Filt - Continuously Backwashed Gravity Sand Filter

    C-Filt is a continuously backwashed gravity sand filter, which saves space and operation cost.The sand filter is based on the counterflow principle. As a result, the bed is in slow, constant downward motion throuhg the unit. Compressed air for th esand pump is provided via air compressor.Thus water purification and sand washing both take place ...

    By SFC Schueffl & Forsthuber Consulting / SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Salzburg, AUSTRIA. from Water Product line

  • Kinetico - Model K2 - Residential Drinking Water Filter

    The Kinetico K2 drinking water filter offers comprehensive reverse osmosis filtration in a basic, economical product. The system can significantly reduce taste, odour, lead, nitrate, cysts and other unwanted substances from your drinking water supply. Non-electric, high performance filter removing 98% of contaminants. 3 stage filtration. Efficient ...

    By Kinetico - an Axel Johnson Company based in Køge, DENMARK. from Residential Drinking Water Systems Product line

  • Waterra - Model FHT-45 - Disposable Groundwater Filters

    The Waterra FHT-45 offers the user the most surface area available in capsule type filters today. The unique open pleat geometry and 600 square cm surface area provide the maximum media exposure while ensuring that even with the most turbid samples, you will not lose filtration media to blinding.

    By Waterra USA Inc. based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Filters Product line

  • Greywater System

    Greywater is water from all non-toilet fixtures (e.g., sinks, showers, washing machines). With the Clivus system, all greywater fixtures are plumbed to a collection tank called a dosing basin from which greywater is sent, often without filtration, into an outdoor or indoor irrigation system buried within the plant root zone. Placement of the ...

    By Clivus Multrum International AB based in Jönåker, SWEDEN.

  • TIMEX - Model PAF Series - Automatic Water Filters

    TIMEX PAF Series consists of easy-to-operate 2” and 3” automatic filters constructed of high quality plastic and driven by electrical or electronic self-cleaning mechanism. The various types of PAF screens designed to cover a range of 500-10 micron filtration degree and flow rates of up to 50 m³/h (220 US gpm).

    By TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Automatic Water Filters Product line

  • Hydrosil - Model HS-200 - Liquid Phase Filtration Media

    Media to remove oil, heavy metals and similar organics from water. The liquid phase filtration media HS-200 shall be 8 x 14 mesh zeolite impregnated with no less than 125 milimoles cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride per kilogram of zeolite. The density of the product shall be 57-59 pounds per cubic foot.

    By Hydrosil International based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Filtration Product line

  • Acquae - Filter Press

    MATEC filter presses are perfect for all applications in many different industries, thanks to our 4 ranges: Acquae, Ignis, Terrae, Magnum.Our filter presses are made of single-block steel from thick slabs, realized through plasma, laser or water-jet manufacturing process and using only first choice components by major manufacturers. Thanks to ...

    By Matec America LLC based in Walnut Cove, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Filter Presses Product line

  • Cartridge Water Filtration

    Cartridge Water filtration is a science, it works to tolerances as low as 0.04 micron but it sees stresses and strains difficult to imagine. Imagine a fine matrix of fibers or a membrane, water filtering below 0.02 micron (a hair is 40 micron), and then that water filter must stand pressures of 60 psig without failing. It must stand temperatures ...

    By ADEPT Pure Water Ltd based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM. from Automatic & Cartridge Water Filters Product line

  • Backwashable Filter Cartridges

    Construction: A Cartridge for a backwashable filter system consists of a slot tube, cylinder or continuous cylinder. Trislot offers these in various sizes, with FOTI or FITO filtration direction.

    By Trislot N.V. based in Waregem, BELGIUM. from General Constructions Product line

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