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Vincent screw press

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in Stanisławów, POLAND

Screw press for dewatering sludge and screen rejects. RUNI now offers the sales and service of the VINCENT screw press in Europe. With the VINCENT press in the RUNI product range we are able to offer solutions for dewatering a range of materials that are too fluid for the RUNI compactor.

MICRODYN - Tubular and Capillary Modules

by MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH     Distributor in Nowy, POLAND

MICRODYN filter modules have been developed for crossflow microfiltration. This type of cross-flow microfiltration represents a modern filtration method for the separation of suspended particles or emulsified liquids.

NADIR - Water Filtration Membranes and Formats

by MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH     Distributor in Nowy, POLAND

For more than 45 years MICRODYN-NADIR has been manufacturing membranes in Europe's largest membrane production facilities for industrial applications. NADIR membranes are permanently hydrophilic and chemically resistant. Micro-, ultra- and nanofiltation membranes are produced with high quality and consistency in a specially developed process. The ...

DEWA - Model N-PD - Belt Filter Press

by Dewaco Ltd     Distributor in WARSAW, POLAND

The DEWA N-PD belt filter press is the most flexible solution for any sludge dewatering application. It has an independent gravity belt thickener which allows users to adjust the belt speed of the gravity section independently. It is also possible to select four different belt routes for the pressing belts, a feature which further increases the ...

Hydrotech - Discfilter For Mechanical And Self-Cleaning Water Filter

by AnoxKaldnes AB - a Veolia Water Company     Distributor in POLAND

The Hydrotech Discfilter is a mechanical and self-cleaning water filter that offers a large filter area in a small footprint. This design is superior to any filtration in fine solids removal and product recovery within microscreens.

Wedge Wire Sieve Bend

by Progress Eco     based in Tuczepy, POLAND

Simple design, easy to operate, low noise level as well as insignificant maintenance and purchase costs are the characteristics of Pro-SLOT® wedge wire sieve bend – arch screens (based on pressure, forced or gravitational inflow), which mechanically separate liquid and solid particles. The removed fragments slide down the screen’s ...

Model TE - OP - Sand Separators

by Transmisie engineering, a. s.     Distributor in Bielsko-Biala, POLAND

The sand separator TE – OP is equipment designated for technological line of mechanical preliminary waste water treatment. It is used for sand separating, transport and washing from sediment captured in sand traps. Sand separator consists of a settling tank, a screw conveyor, a drive and a supporting construction. The hydro-mixture is ...

EKOTON - Belt filter presses

by EKOTON Industrial Group     Office in Elk, POLAND

Filter presses are intended for mechanical dewatering of different sludges: from wastewater treatment, from potable water treatment, from other industries.PL-SERIES BELT FILTER PRESSES PL ADVANATGES• high dewatering efficiency due to succession and special placement geometry of the different diameter rolls;• low energy consumption;• low polymer ...

Decantation Centrifuges

by Spomasz-Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.     based in Wronki, POLAND

Design And Operation Principle: Decantation centrifuges use very high centrifugal force, influencing on solid particles in liquid, located in very quickly rotating drum, causing very quick sedimentation. Decanter centrifuges and sludge centrifuges are manuafctured in Poland.

Flottweg - Model C2E - Decanter Centrifuge

by Flottweg SE     Office in Warszawa, POLAND

The New C2E Decanter Centrifuges for Small Treatment Plants Flottweg presents a new era of sludge dewatering for small sewage treatment plants. The C2E decanter centrifuge was developed specifically for the dewatering and thickening of smaller sludge loading rates. It features all of Flottweg's know-how in a compact, space-saving design.Over five ...

Membrane Filtration Systems

by MTB Technologies Sp. z o.o.     based in Warsaw, POLAND

Membrane selection using our own pilot plants, design, assembly, start up, commissioning, operator training, guarantee service, after guarantee service, option: Internet service, option: system of process data control and collecting, for example SCADA, retrofitting and service of existing systems of other producers, cleaning and disinfection of ...

Model WD3D350 - Decanting Centrifuge

by Spomasz-Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.     based in Wronki, POLAND

Decanter centrifuge with dia. 350mm bowl, L/D = 4,5 , speed up to 4500rpm, capacity up to 15m3/h, fully automatic process, professional hardfacing on the critical parts. Standard power of motors 18,5kW + 5,5kW, planetary or cyclo gearboxes. LOW MAINTANANCE COSTS

Flottweg - Decanter Centrifuge

by Flottweg SE     Office in Warszawa, POLAND

Flottweg has been building decanters since 1956. As a globally acknowledged vendor of individual solutions for mechanical separation technology, we have advanced the development of the decanter centrifuge over the course of the years and configured it for an extremely wide range of separation tasks. High quality, efficiency and durability are ...

Flottweg - Model C7E - Decanter Centrifuge

by Flottweg SE     Office in Warszawa, POLAND

Worldwide, Flottweg C series decanters around the world process 25 million liters of sewage sludge per hour. That's just about the volume of 165,000 bathtubs - every hour! The dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge plays a decisive role in the wastewater treatment process. Requirements for the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants ...

galaxi - Model SKU - Filters System

by Oasis International     Office in Gliwice, POLAND

Many people are concerned about the quality of drinking water. In emerging countries these concerns may be due to the water infrastructure, but the problem is also prevalent in developed countries. With over 2100 known toxins potentially present in tap water, the concern is valid. Water filters are often the last line of defense between the body ...

DEWA - Model S-S - Sand Separators (Grit Classifier)

by Dewaco Ltd     Distributor in WARSAW, POLAND

The DEWA S-S sand separator (grit classifier) is designed to separate quick-settling solid matters from wastewater and convey them by means of a spiral conveyor.

Flottweg - Model Z3E - Decanter Centrifuge

by Flottweg SE     Office in Warszawa, POLAND

Reliability isn't just a keyword for Flottweg – it expresses the company's philosophy. We want our customers to get results with Flottweg that can't be beat. That requires reliable machines, reliable service, and staff whose passion for perfection shows throughout the manufacturing process. 

Green - Model SKU - Filter System

by Oasis International     Office in Gliwice, POLAND

Water occurs naturally but even so cannot be safely used for human consumption without removing many of the trace impurities it collects (passing through the atmosphere and running over and through the earth). These impurities consist of suspended particles such as soil particles, living and dead plant and animal matter (worms, larvae, algae, ...

FILTRAFIX - Model L - Activated Carbon Liquid Filtration System

by DESOTEC N.V.-S.A.     Office in Gdansk, POLAND

In the seldom case that DESOTEC’s mobile industrial liquid phase adsorbers are not the suitable solution for our customers’ needs, we can offer turnkey solutions to suit a particular flow rate, temperature, pressure, superficial contact time and specific site requirements. The FILTRAFIX-L custom designed liquid filtration systems ...

Model W1D601 - Decanter centrifuge

by Spomasz-Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.     based in Wronki, POLAND

Dewatering centrifuge with dia. 600mm bowl, L/D = 4 , speed up to 2600rpm, capacity up to 50m3/h, fully automatic process, professional hardfacing on the critical parts. Max power of motors 110kW + 45kW, planetary or cyclo gearboxes. LOW MAINTANANCE COSTS

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