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  • Self-Cleaning Filters and Physical Separation Unit - Roses Farm in Israel - Case Study

    Roses farm in Israel which avoided from recycling drain water due to nematodes presence. Once installed and recycle drain water big impact on costs and flowers. Technology reduces environmental footprint and save valuable water resource. This site was supervised by Israel Ministry of Agriculture and NEMATIC technology was approved for subsidy to growers by 30%

  • The Water Footprint of Beef

    While production of most meat is much more water-intensive than growing vegetables, until beef production goes down, there are ways the industry can increase water efficiencyAccording to a ...


  • Data Center Water Use

    Data Center Water Use

    At a time when California’s scrutiny of water use is so intense that waiters are asked to refrain from serving water unless diners request it, the more than 100 billion gallons of water required by the state’s 800-plus data ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tri-Mite® Package Water Treatment Plant

    Tri-Mite® Package Water Treatment Plant

    Microfloc Tri-Mite® technology offers significant advances in water and wastewater treatment at a lower capital outlay, in a smaller space and at a higher flow rate per unit area.