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  • Corrosion Inhibition & Hardness Stabilization
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    Corrosion Inhibition & Hardness Stabilization

    By Kurita

    A newly developed molecule that provides corrosion inhibition & hardness stabilization: Based on natural and renewable organic acids. Inherently biodegradable. High performance.

  • Multi-Surface Deodorizing Cleaner Aerosol - 12 Cans/Case
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    Multi-Surface Deodorizing Cleaner Aerosol - 12 Cans/Case

    By Interstate Products Inc

    Powerful, heavy duty foam cleaner that clings to and cleans any water-safe, hard surface. Contains special grease cutting additives and detergents for instant cleaning and grime dissolving action. Enhanced with citrus ...

  • Starter Units
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    Starter Units

    By Flex7 Ltd

    The Starter Unit is at the heart of the flex7 eZeBox range and at its simplest provides for plug-in connection of multiple luminaires controlled by a single switch or control device. In common with all units in the ...

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  • Waircom MBS SPA

    Waircom MBS SPA

    Waircom is specialized in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation. We operate internationally, selling our products ...