Water Intake Structures

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  • The Benefits Of The Waste Separation Machine

    The Benefits Of The Waste Separation Machine

    If you are within the recycling business you will need a good waste separation machine to provide you to where you must go. The waste separation machine makes it simple to care for your requirements and it will likely be easy to do what you need to use this machine. It is simple to separate out various kinds of trash along with the

  • Proper Submergence of Inlet to Avoid Vortex

    If a pump suction is not placed an acceptable distance from the surface of the liquid, the pump can experience vortexing.  Similar to cavitation, with the loss of efficiency and damage that can ...


  • Bioprotect - Screening, Fish & Jellyfish

    Bioprotect - Screening, Fish & Jellyfish

    A continuous supply of seawater is essential for the operation of every coastal industrial plant. In the past period, high-density patches of jellyfish have again been observed at sea along the Omani coastline. This had a significant impact on ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Continuous Oil In Water Monitor

    Continuous Oil In Water Monitor

    The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is our latest product, developed from over 20 years of real-world experience with UV fluorescence technology, and includes industry leading features. The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is resistant to dirty or turbid water influences that typically impact UV absorption or light scatter instrument measurements—allowing hydrocarbons, fuels, lubricating ...

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  • Ecwatech - 2020

    Ecwatech - 2020

    ECWATECH - the leading water forum in Eastern Europe, represents the whole range of equipment and services for the rational use, restoration and protection of water resources, water treatment, municipal and industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, construction and operation of pipeline systems, water bottling and other Issues of water sector development. This is the place where the leaders ...