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  • Separating Fine Iron from Powders

    Separating Fine Iron from Powders

    Effectively separating fine iron from dry powders is often challenging. Even the strongest magnetic separator may fail to successfully remove the magnetic particles. In order to find a successful solution, it is important to understand the way fine materials behave. Only then is it possible to determine the optimum method to cleanse a powder of problematic fine iron.What is a Powder?

  • Manufacturing process of silicon powder

    Manufacturing process of silicon powder

    Silicon powder’s manufacturing process can be simply described as: breaking & milling from silicon lump, but it’s actually much complicated in order to get the powder with required ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Gravity Filter

    Gravity Filter

    Filtration capacity 6.5 – 62.0 m3/h. The gravity filter INTERFILT SK is an open sand filter system for extremely economical water treatment. The filter system operates with differential pressure-controlled backwashing and an integral backwashing water tank.