Water Leak Detection

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Air Leak Test for Low Pressure Pipelines

    A guide on how-to-implement the Air Leak Test at gravity pipelines by following the right rules and regulations as per EN 1610.Air Leak Test is one of the test methods for testing any leakage at the gravity pipelines. The other method is testing with water. For the details of the water test, you may refer to our previous articles depending on the methods “


  • We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    The biaxial mixer rotated through two sets of shafts with spiral blades. Spraying and mixing the powdered material with water to make the powdery materials reach controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly suitable for the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Digital Water Leak Detector

    Digital Water Leak Detector

    The new DLD Digital Leak Detector with dynamic range compression, precise digital filters, digital display of leak loudness, and automatic rejection of AC electric inteference.

Upcoming Events

  • New AWWA Water Audit Software - Webinar

    New AWWA Water Audit Software - Webinar

    This webinar is important to promote awareness and adoption of the most current version for best-practice tools, keeping learners up to date on latest developments. The AWWA Free Water Audit Software has become the industry standard for conducting an annual water audit, including water balance and key performance indicators for utilities all across North America. The prior version—Version ...

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