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pipe system Equipment

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    Stop It - Pipe Repair System

    The Stop It Pipe Repair System fixes cracks and leaks in carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, galvanized, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, polyethylene, polypropylene, fiberglass and other pipes so you don’t have to face the consequences of a shutdown until the pipe is replaced. Stop It can be used almost anywhere - including underwater and in ...

    By InduMar Products, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Leak Repair Products-New Product line

  • BKU-aqua - Pipe Systems

    The material PEHD has been known and has proven itself for years for use in pipe systems for potable water. The Karlsruhe Technology Centre Water of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water issued a test certificate for the used material PE-HD Finathene 3802, colour blue.The lining board is a homogenous 'web board' ...

    By BKU Beton-Korrosionsschutz GmbH based in Lampertheim, GERMANY.

  • Model FRP - Piping Systems

    FRP Piping systems for corrosive and abrasive applications have been widespread within the industry for more than 50 years. FRP piping has superior corrosion resistance when compared to metallic piping and can be more economical than the stainless, titanium and high nickel alloy alternatives.  That is why industries such as Pulp & Paper, ...

    By Ershigs, Inc. based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Infrastructure Pipe Systems

    Reliable and durable pipe infrastructure solutions are required to eliminate losses, save energy and better serve communities and industries in the future. Pipe infrastructures are vital and valuable community assets and are also a central aid to sustainable development. Whilst existing systems – especially in industrialised countries ...

    By Borealis AG based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Pipes & Fittings Product line

  • Hot Water Piping Systems

    The hot water piping systems we engineer at Insul-Pipe Systems are constructed of high quality, insulated carrier pipe constructed of steel, CPVC, fiberglass, copper, or ductile iron. These systems are designed with premium quality closed cell polyurethane insulation that not only provides the lowest thermal conductivity available, but also ...

    By Insul-Pipe Systems based in Buda, TEXAS (USA).

  • Air, Gas & Water Piping Systems

    UAPC offers a variety of custom field services, including compressed air or gas system installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul or reconfiguration. Long term maintenance agreements are offered based upon single or multiple plant locations. In addition, piping system design and installation, certified welding service, air system audits, leak ...

    By Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation based in Norfolk, VIRGINIA (USA). from Custom Compression Systems & Components Product line

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    PipeMic - Pipe Searching/Leak Locating System

    Range of Use: Home connections are usually made of plastic water pipes. The plastic water pipes reveal the leakage borne noise inadequately. This constitutes a problem for customary correlation procedures. In addition, the exact run of a pipe is often known only vaguely, which frequently leads to misdiggings.

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Pipe Locator Product line

  • Model 4360 - Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing System

    Combination Leak Detector and Pipe Locating System.Rated #1 for residential/commercial pipe locating and slab leaks

    By Goldak, Inc, based in Sylmar, CALIFORNIA (USA). from UnderGround Water Leak Locating Product line

  • PIPE-INSPECTOR - Cable-less TV-Inspection of Pipelines with Integrated Leak Detection

    For potable water, waste water, oil, gas and district heating pipeline systems. High daily output. Environment-friendly. Low staff expenses. No pre-cleaning. Suitable for potable water.

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Potable Water Products Product line

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    Combiphon - Acoustic Location of Plastic Pipes

    Plastic pipes cannot be located by conventional electromagnetic means because they are not electroconductive. A different principle is applied when locating pipes using the acoustic method: The pipes transmit mechanical vibrations better than the earth that surrounds them. When the pipe is caused to vibrate appropriately, these vibrations spread ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Pipe Location Detection Product line

  • SAK + Aqua-Pipe - Water Distribution System Renewal

    Aqua-Pipe is a stand-alone structural liner, designed and manufactured to be cured inside 6-inch to 16-inch water mains, eliminating the need to use the more costly and disruptive 'dig-and-replace' method of pipeline rehabilitation. Aqua-Pipe differs from liners used in alternative types of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology in that it was ...

    By SAK Construction, LLC based in O`Fallon, MISSOURI (USA).

  • IPS - PVC-C Pipes, Fittings and Valves

    Cholorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) is a modified PVC with additional high temperature strength. It has been developed to handle hot, corrosive liquids at working temperatures up to 100ºC, whilst offering the ease of installation of cold solvent welded jointing. PVC-C is inert to many mineral acids, bases, salts, paraffinic hydrocarbons, ...

    By IPS Flow Systems based in Seaham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Piping Systems & Pipe Products Product line

  • GEROcross - Model X2 - PE-Xc Pressure Pipe for Supply

    After implementation of PE-Xc pipes company Gerodur reached a new level in supply of gas and water. Through cross-linked structure of polyethylene PE-Xc the pipes are well prepared for the permanently tense (stress) on both sides, inside and outside after their installation. Statistical findings show that the pipes are able to withstand the ...

    By GERODUR MPM Kunststoff-verarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG based in Neustadt, GERMANY. from Piping Systems Product line

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    Plugco - Model PTP Series - Inflatable Pipe Test Plug- Pipe Balloon - Pipe Stopper

    Model designation is Pipe Test Plug (PTP). It is totally same as Pipe Plug (PP) model except that includes bypass connection. Pipe Test Plug (PTP) connection allows water filling inside pipe line if there is no manhole access to pipe line or Pipe Test Plug (PTP) connection can be used for bypass the flow and discharge to another line with a ...

    By PLUGCO based in Corum, TURKEY.

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    Aqua - Model M300 D - Inteligent Geophon for Leak Detection System

    Acoustic Leak Detection with Geophon: A clear and concise displaying supports the leak statement effectively. 256 free and automatic adjustable filter settings achieve effective reduction of noise pollution and best results. Thru the automatic adjustment of amplification and filters the displaying of smallest leaks is certain.

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Leak Detectors Product line

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    Plugco - Model PPTP Series - Professional Pipe Test Plugs

    Model designation is Professional Pipe Test Plug (PPTP). Professional Pipe Test Plugs are custom product that allowing to discharge the compressed air inside the pipe line while filling the system by water. Professional Pipe Test Plug includes two bypass line in order to use water fiiling and air discharging.

    By PLUGCO based in Corum, TURKEY.

  • Fırat - Residence Power Pipe and Fittings

    Fırat Residence Power Pipe and Fittings is a sound proof sewage system with its perfect physical structure, since they are produced with mineral-reinforced FRVinylFlex and PVC raw materials mix. Residence Power Pipe sewage pipe systems are ideal for structures such as villa and multi-floor houses, hospitals, hotels, industrial and sportive ...

    By FIRAT PLASTIK KAUÇUK SAN. VE TIC. AS. based in Büyükçekmece Istanbul, TURKEY. from Sanitary Piping Systems - Sewage Piping Systems Product line

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    Plugco - Model PP Series - Inflatable Pipe Plugs

    Model Designation is Pipe Plug (PP). The main purpose of usage of PP model is blocking pipe or channels to stop fluid flow (water, sewage water or drain water). Pipe Plugs are used for pipeline leakage test, if there is an available manhole on the line, the pipeline to be blocked from both side by two pieces Pipe Plug model plug and then the test ...

    By PLUGCO based in Corum, TURKEY.

  • HDPE Pipe Fittings

    Manufactured of newest generation PPI and NSF listed material, Agru’s HDPE Pipe Fittings set the standard. All fittings meet the requirements of ASTM D3261, ASTM D2513, NSF 61, and AWWA C901 and C906. Corrosion and chemical resistant, Agru’s PE Pipe Fittings offer superior flow characteristics while being light weight and more flexible ...

    By Agru America, Inc. based in Georgetown, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Pipe and Fitting Systems Product line

  • egeplast - Model SL - Sewer System

    The egeplast SL sewer system is based on a smooth-walled, solid wall pipe made from polyethylene with bright, inspection-friendly inner surface. This innovative pipe system is characterised by high service life, reliability and extremely low installation, operating and servicing costs. egeplast offers all system components from one hand. All ...

    By egeplast International GmbH based in Greven, GERMANY. from Sewage (Gravity Pipes) Product line

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