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  • ECO Magazine featured TR80 Turbidity Analyzer

    ECO Magazine featured TR80 Turbidity Analyzer

    New Next-Gen Intelligent Optical Sensor Delivers Precise Turbidity MeasurementWater treatment engineers tasked with assuring reliable potable water treatment from ground or surface sources and storage reservoirs as well as those responsible for suspended solids in municipal or industrial wastewater effluent will find the smart TR80 Turbidity Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), o


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vertical Chain Sludge Scraper

    Vertical Chain Sludge Scraper

    VA Teknik’s Vertical Chain Scraper is a product that is primarily designed to simplify maintenance at the many small, unmanned purifying plants, referred to as Dortmund tanks. This scraper can also be used at larger treatment plants inside the rectangular clarification tanks sludge pits to ensure that the sludge settles all the way to the suction point.

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  • Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    This webinar is intended to provide a "blueprint" for program managers to properly implement an effective program through the identification of required tasks. The presenters will explore potential obstacles and provide insight into obstacle resolution. The webinar is intended to provide insight to prospective and experienced backflow prevention program managers with a focus on developing, ...