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  • GENAQ: Water from the air

    GENAQ: Water from the air

    Do you know the working principle of GENAQ atmospheric generators? Its operation is similar to the rain process, that is, our generators extract water from the humidity of the air by condensation. We go one step beyond what nature generates in the form of rain making the water drinkable thanks to a specific water treatment, so that it is optimal for human consumption.All this procedure is carried ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Digital High Volume Air Sampler (220 - 240 VAC)

    Digital High Volume Air Sampler (220 - 240 VAC)

    Model DFHV-1SE digital high volume air samplers provide simplicity of operation and improved accuracy. This model features a motor cooling fan within the motor housing, digital flow measurement, elapsed time and accumulated volume measurement capability. It has a bright LED display and a four button keypad. This model features operator selectable automatic flow control. Various flow and volume ...

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  • Practical Applications in Hydrogeology

    Practical Applications in Hydrogeology

    This informative program will familiarize you with the theory and practice of hydrogeology, including guiding principles, basic mathematical relationships of groundwater flow, the mechanisms of groundwater contaminant fate and transport, the range of effective soil and groundwater remedial strategies, the groundwater regulatory regime in New Jersey, and the application of a range of groundwater ...