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HORIBA - Model W-20 Series - Water Quality Monitoring System

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

Water is as precious as life itself. That's why current threats to water supplies make water quality analysis vital to our very existence. HORIBA has created the Multifunction Water Quality Monitoring System. Years of HORIBA sensor technology development have reached their culmination in the form of a 46-mm diameter sensor probe: a compact ...

Aquaprobe - Model AP-700 & AP-800 - Basic Water Quality Monitoring Packages

by AQUAREAD Limited     based in Broadstairs, UNITED KINGDOM

The AP-700 and AP-800 packages represent the essentials in basic water quality monitoring. Offered as  complete packages you are provided with everything you need to get testing water. Packages include an Aquaprobe, a GPS Aquameter, a 3 meter cable, accessories and some RapidCal calibration solution all housed in a neat carry case for easy ...

Water Quality Monitor (WQM)

by Sea-Bird Scientific - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Water Quality Monitor (WQM) is designed to deliver core biogeochemical water quality parameters in coastal ecosystems from a single integrated package.

AquaStation - Self Calibrating Remote Water Quality Monitoring Station

by AQUAREAD Limited     based in Broadstairs, UNITED KINGDOM

The AquaStation independent monitoring station is a breakthrough in remote water quality monitoring. The AquaStation is able to independently collect data, keep its sensors clear of fouling and calibrate its sensors remotely via its built in telemetry system.

LG Sonic - Model Monitoring Buoy - For Monitoring Algae

by LG Sonic     based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

Combines real-time water quality monitoring and web-based software to provide a cost-effective monitoring solution in coastal areas and lakes.

UviLux - Catchment Water Quality Monitoring

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

Portable in-situ Tryptophan fluorometer for effluent detection The UviLux Tryptophan Fluorometer provides effective monitoring of inland waters (surface water and groundwater), transitional and coastal waters to detect outflow events from waste water treatment works (such as Combined Sewage Overflows) and farm slurry. It provides a dependable tool ...

Water Quality Monitoring Outfit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

This outfit stresses the importance of using analytical methods and encourages proper field investigation techniques by use of representative sampling, careful observation, accurate record keeping, and systematic measurement to plot changing conditions. Outfit contains seven basic water quality test factors including: pH, nitrate-nitrogen, ...

YSI - Model 5200A - Water Quality Monitoring

by Commercial Algae Management     based in Franklin, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Great for harsh environments  (>30C), Waterproof, Measure pH, ORP, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.

Water Quality Monitoring Instruments

by Aridea Solutions     based in Charleston, WEST VIRGINIA (USA)

Monitoring water quality is a major part of environmental compliance. By monitoring various characteristics of water outflows, state and federal agencies are assured that no dangerous contaminants are reaching public watersheds. By conducting this monitoring through regular intervals along outflows, the reduction of potential contaminates can be ...

Water Quality Monitoring

by High Sierra Electronics, Inc.     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

High Sierra Electronics' water quality stations can be assembled to monitor PH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Equipment solutions range from hand-held instruments to complete, unattended monitoring systems with real-time telemetry.

Water quality monitoring station

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

We supply automatic stations, equipped with:- Single sensors for high accuracy measurements (i.e. water conductivity)- Multiparameter probes for the measuring parameters conductivity, pH, ORB, Turbidity, dissolved Oxigen, algae- Measuring station combined with automatic water samplerPlease send your requirements. We will configure an optimal ...

YSI - Model 5500D - Water Quality Monitoring

by Commercial Algae Management     based in Franklin, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Great for harsh environments  (>30C), Waterproof.

WaterSam - Model WS 316 MS - Water Quality Monitoring Station and Sampling

by WaterSam GmbH & Co. KG     based in Balingen, GERMANY

With a WS 316 Monitoring Station, we combine a quality WaterSam sampler from the WS 316 model line with monitoring equipment. The monitoring instrumentation can be either: selected and installed by WaterSam, selected by the customer and installed by WaterSam, provided by the customer and installed by WaterSam / customer, connected to on-site ...

MetalGuard - Automated Online Water Quality Monitors

by Aqua Metrology Systems Ltd. (AMS)     based in Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The MetalGuard range of fully automated online water quality monitors determines trace metal contaminants across municipal and industrial sectors. Each online monitor comes equipped with up to four online sample ports and a grab sample port. Highly robust proprietary sensors are used in combination with remote troubleshooting capabilities to allow ...

Felix - Dissolved Oxygen (DO Sensor) for Water Quality Monitoring

by Felix Technology Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements tells how much oxygen is available in the water for fish and other aquatic organisms to breathe. Healthy waters generally have high levels of DO (some areas, like swamps, naturally have low levels of DO). DO sensors us an oxygen-permeable membrane that sets up a current that indicates the level of oxygen present. ...

Myron-L PoolPro - Model PS6FCE & PS9TK - Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

POOLPRO does the job of up to 9 tests in one easy to use instrument: Monitor Disinfectant. Residuals -Determine Water. Balance Corrections -Calibrate Equipment -Ensure Proper TDS. Levels in Saltwater. Chlorine Generation. We are proud of the trust our handheld instruments and monitor/controllers have earned. We have continued to build on that ...

PME - Model T-Chain - Temperature String for Water Quality Monitoring And Lake Management Device

by Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME)     based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The T-Chain is used as a water quality monitoring and lake management device that collects water column temperature, dissolved oxygen, PAR, pressure, chlorophyll a, and conductivity measurements. T-Chains are currently being used to monitor lake and reservoir thermocline and stratification, detect dissolved oxyen fluctuations, observe internal ...

Optiqua - EventLab: Online Water Quality Monitoring for Smart Water Networks

by Optiqua Technologies     based in Singapore, SINGAPORE

Optiqua EventLab is a solution for real-time monitoring of water quality in networked applications such as drinking water distribution networks. EventLab is designed for deployment as a high density sensor network, with distributed sensor nodes connected to a central server for data collection and processing. A network of EventLab systems allows ...

Environnement S.A. - Model HC 9010 - Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Measures the total concentration of hydrocarbons in water. Appliactions; Surface water quality monitoring and Industrial wastewater monitoring.

Environnement S.A. - Model AEP 9010 - Permanent Sampler

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Indefinitely  keeps the 24 last sliding samples. Applications; Surface water quality monitoring and Warning stations.

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