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  • Water Quality Monitoring by Thamnotoxkit FTM including Cyanobacterial Blooms

    Abstract:The Thamnotoxkit FTM was evaluated for detecting cyanobacterial toxins as they may be hazardous to human health if they reach drinking water networks or if people are exposed through recreational activity. This test kit is a 24-hour biosassay using larvae of the freshwater anostracan crustaceanThamnocephalus platyurus hatched from cysts. Nine freeze-driedMicrocyst

  • Harnessing the full benefit of AI in water

    Water companies, with their huge asset bases and wide-ranging data, can benefit greatly from advances in artificial intelligence – but what steps should they be taking to reap the rewards?Three ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Remote Correlating Noise Loggers for Automatic Leak Location

    Remote Correlating Noise Loggers for Automatic Leak Location

    The ENIGMA3m remote correlating noise loggers utilise 3G / GPRS communications to provide remote location of leaks in water distribution networks. ENIGMA3m is deployed in underground chambers and requires no costly above ground technology.

Upcoming Events

  • Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    This webinar is intended to provide a "blueprint" for program managers to properly implement an effective program through the identification of required tasks. The presenters will explore potential obstacles and provide insight into obstacle resolution. The webinar is intended to provide insight to prospective and experienced backflow prevention program managers with a focus on developing, ...