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  • How to measure humidity in an environmental test chamber

    How to measure humidity in an environmental test chamber

    Environmental test chamber refers to equipment that can simulate environmental factors, mainly refers to equipment such as temperature, humidity, light, rain, sand, etc.. Among them, the equipment that needs to control humidity is the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The humidity in the environmental test chamber can be controlled autonomously in a certain range. For example, the ...

  • Is your Wastewater Spreading Viruses?

    Is your Wastewater Spreading Viruses?

    Concerned about your wastewater spreading contaminants into its surroundings?Our no-splash best-in-class subsurface TORNADO® Aerators prevent aerosolizing and limit the spread ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Sequencing Batch Reactor

    Sequencing Batch Reactor

    HTI`s experienced professional team can design and build a complete SBR or package WWTP inculding biosolids conditioning. We utilize the latest technology and proven components that have been tried and tested over many years of experience. Operational services are also available. Our systems are available for outright purchase or through various lease programs to fit your individual needs.

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  • Virtual Water

    Virtual Water

    Expo sites are available to Empower organisations to engage with audiences, promote their brand & generate leads/prospects 24/7 x 365 days a year Virtual Water will provide a visually rich online platform that will enable people from all over the globe to get together to hear the latest updates and share knowledge and technical experiences in a virtual environment. Virtual Water provides ...