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  • Composite Geomembrane Liner for Reservoir Project in Thailand - Case Study

    Composite geomembrane liner is a water impermeable material composed of geotextile and geomembrane. The composite geomembrane liner has the functions and advantages of both geotextiles and geomembranes. The geotextile layer increases essential tensile strength and the geomembrane layer provides excellent impermeable, leak and moisture proof.


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  • Flexible Video Gastroscope for Large Animals

    Flexible Video Gastroscope for Large Animals

    The FVG Video Gastroscopes also feature a waterproof insertion probe with 4-way tip articulation, an instrument channel for flexible forceps, additional channels for air/water, and suction (additional unit required), a wide angle 140 degree field of view, a focal range of 5mm – 100mm from the tip, and a 200 watt Halogen light source incorporated into the design. For customers looking to ...