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Water Quality Regulations equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    WesTech - Horizontal and Vertical Flocculators

    WesTech Flocculators are custom designed for all your flocculation needs. Energy is transferred into water through the use of paddle wheels which promote particle agglomeration to form large, fast-settling floc particles. Typically the process applies tapered flocculation to the inlet stream, where the first stage has high energy input (velocity ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Flocculation Product line

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    Aquas - H2O Water Quality Spectrometer

    The H2O water quality spectrometer is designed especially for real-time water quality monitoring includes NO3-N, NO2-N, SAC254, COD, CODMn, TOC, BOD, DOC, Turbidity, SS...etc. The sonde is connected directly via RS485, providing real-time, simple, reliable, cost-saving data with remote monitoring, configuration and diagnostics capabilities. With ...

    By Aquas INC. based in Taipei, TAIWAN. from Multiparameter Water Quality Analyzer Product line

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    Shimadzu - Model TNPC-4110/4110C - On-line Total Nitrogen/ Phosphorus/ TOC Analyzer

    The TNPC-4110 is an easy to handle and simple to maintain total nitrogen/phosphorous/carbon analyzer intended for use as an automatic water analyzer for the water quality regulations, governing total nitrogen and total phosphorous. The TNPC-4110 has the optional capability of measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC). This complete system is capable of ...

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from TOC Analyzers Product line

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    Fluidyne - Model SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactor System

    The Fluidyne Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) handles all of the work of conventional continuous-flow treatment systems in just one tank. There may be multiple tanks in operation, but that is modular adjustment to capacity needs. All processes - biological, oxidation, sedimentation, nitrification and denitrification occur in a single tank. There is ...

    By Fluidyne Corporation based in Cedar Falls, IOWA (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Relocatable Commercial Waste Water Treatment Systems

    With Water Treatment System's Design, Engineering & Manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai, & other valuable resources throughout mainland China, Aqualix takes maximum advantage of the highly efficient, continually expanding communications, & transportation networks to manage manufacturing & quality assurance processes, ...

    By Aqualix based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Double Filtration System

    It fits to: Treatment of water medium and low turbidity and color.E.g:.Dams, wells, and rivers during dry season. Advantages of the system over. Upflow and Downflow direct filtration: Water with better quality when it comes to true color and turbidity; More efficient in the removal of algae. Conventional System: Lower installation cost; Better ...

    By ACS Engenharia Ambiental Ltda. based in Parque Novo Mondubim, BRAZIL.

  • Water Whale - Drinking Water Tanker

    Many operators have built up a thirst for Whale’s tried and proven water tankers and bowsers. Manufactured to transport that most precious of commodities, drinking and clean water, the Whale product can be supplied on both rigid chassis and as frameless semi-trailer units. WaterWhales are approved by DWI under regulation 31(4) (a) of The ...

    By Whale Tankers Ltd based in West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Tankers Product line

  • CrystalClean - Model 1056 - Single Vault Systems

    In single vault systems, all elements are in one vault. Flows enter the device from the endwall, top, or either side wall at the front, pass through the treatment elements, and then exit out the back of the device through the endwall, or either side wall. The various sizes of our single vault devices are shown below. In some areas, some models are ...

    By CrystalStream Technologies (CST) based in Lawrenceville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • CrystalClean - Model 2466 - Twin Vault Systems

    In twin vault systems, the trash screening basket and two of the three baffles are in the front vault. A third baffle, the spill protection reservoir, and the coconut fiber filter are in the second vault. Flows enter the device from the endwall, top, or either side wall of the front vault, pass through the treatment elements in that vault, and ...

    By CrystalStream Technologies (CST) based in Lawrenceville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Healthy, Crystal-Clear Water for Swimming Pools

    Ozone can be used for private and municipal, city or commercial swimming pools. There are incredible health benefits associated with ozone systems, but one of the chief benefits of ozonated pool water is comfort. The idea of red eye, rashes, swim suits fading and other chlorine-related problems (even if you are using chlorine!) are a thing of ...

    By Envron Environmental Ltd. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Biogris - Model MB - Sewage Plants

    BIOGRIS  sewage plants are the perfect equipment to save water; allowing reuse of water from showers/bathtubs and excess of pool to flushing toilets, irrigation, external cleaning, vehicles, etc.

    By Aquatreat, S.L based in Ripollet, SPAIN.

  • Model 1/2 HP - Vortex Fountain

    The Vitaflume Floating Fountain is the perfect 1/2 HP fountain for small ponds.  Matching beauty with function and price, the Vortex is the standard pattern for our aerating fountains . The Vitaflume® Floating Fountain is shipped to you direct from the manufacturer.  It has a stainless steel pump housing and filter and uses an ...

    By Lake Restoration, Inc based in Rogers, MINNESOTA (USA). from Vitaflume- Fountains Product line

  • Epps - Model 210ST - Cold Water Pressure Washer

    Cold water pressure washers manufactured with high quality components.

    By Epps Products based in Clinton, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cold Water - Electric Motor Product line

  • Aboatox - Genotoxicity Test Kits

    A microplate genotoxicity bioassay based on the primary response of a genetically engineered bacteria to determine DNA genotoxicity damage.  The SOS-ChromoTestTM Kit can be used to evaluate the presence of genotoxic agents in water, wastewater, sediment, air, chemicals, food, cosmetics, and  for any material that can be put ...

    By Aboatox Oy based in MASKU, FINLAND. from Enviromental Analysis Products Product line

  • Battery Water Systems

    A reliable, compact and cost effective systems for the production of purified water for wet-cell lead acid batteries. The battery water dispensing stations (BWDS) produces consistent quality battery water direct from a mains supply to meet the requirements of BS4974 Grade A water. Each unit is easy to install, being wall mounted for effective use ...

    By SUEZ Water UK | Purite Ltd. based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Product line

  • CENSAR - Model MP - Multiparameter Water Quality/Security Sensor

    Multiparameter water quality/security sensor, Direct insertion IP-68, Sidestream NEMA 4X

    By CENSAR Technologies,Inc. based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Aqua-Swirl - Stormwater Treatment System

    Aqua-Swirl Stormwater Treatment System is a custom engineered, post-construction flow-through water quality device designed to remove coarse sediment, debris and free floating oil by utilizing hydrodynamic separation technology. Aqua-Swirl™ technology is a modular high flow rate treatment system that has no moving parts and ...

    By AquaShield, Inc based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration System

    Highland's Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems (AHFS) are used in applications  where strict water quality discharge regulations are mandated. Highland's AHFS, utilizing  filters with patented hydrocarbon-removal technology, are engineered to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX to crude oil from water. A patented polymeric ...

    By Highland Tank & Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in Stoystown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems Product line

  • Elastec Floating Baffle Systems

    Designed and manufactured American Marine since 1969, floating baffles are flow control devices which increase the retention time in water treatment applications. Increased retention time creates a larger active area, improving efficiency and reducing the Total Suspended Solids (TSS). This improves overall water quality and assists in industry ...

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Booms and Curtains - Water Baffles Product line

  • eXact - Model Micro 20 - Handheld Dip Strip Photometer - The Ultimate Water Quality Tester - .

    The eXact® Micro 20 dual wavelength photometer is the ultimate water quality tester delivering design and engineering with the latest patented technologies to deliver sustainable water testing solutions that cost less. The eXact® Micro 20 is waterproof (IP-67) and quickly does on-site testing for over 35 direct read water quality parameters ...

    By Industrial Test Systems, Inc. based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Other Products Product line

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