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Water Research equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Model 09.06 - Mini Rainfall Simulator for Erosion Test

    The extent to which the soil is sensitive to erosion is determined largely by the composition of the soil. Knowledge of the sensitivity to erosion is important for the development of a certain plot. The sensitivity to erosion is hard to measure. Absolute values can not be obtained. It is, however, possible to obtain a reasonable indication by ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Mini Rainfall Simulator for Erosion Test Product line

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    GE Whatman - Model Grade GF/C - Glass Microfiber Filter

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Whatman Filter Paper grade GF/C glass filters offer fine particle retention, good flow rate and loading capacity. GF/C filter papers support total suspended solids analysis.

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Glass Microfiber Filter Product line

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    Shimadzu - Model AIM-9000 - Infrared Microscope

    SHIMADZU AIMs to provide analysis systems for all users. The system is automated to ensure all steps performed quickly and easily. All our accumulated know-how in micro analysis is concentrated in the AIM-9000 to strongly support analysis.

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA).

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 08.16.SA / 08.16.SB - Table Model Pipette Apparatus

    The particle-size distribution is one of the most important physical qualities of a soil. The division of soils (soil classification) is primarily based on particle-size distribution. When accurately determining the particle size in samples, in addition to the determination using sieves, other methods will need to be applied. A simple method for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Table Model Pipette Apparatus Product line

  • Marlo - Laboratory Water Systems (LWS)

    Marlo Laboratory Water Systems are engineered to serve as the centralized, purified water source for a variety of academic, medical, and other research laboratory facilities. Designed to meet or exceed the Type I, II, III reagent-grade water platforms set forth by CAP/NCCLS or ASTM standards. Many systems can be furnished with all the treatment ...

    By Marlo, Inc. based in Racine, WISCONSIN (USA). from Laboratory Water Systems (LWS) Product line

  • EEE - Floating Aerators

    The EEE Aerator is the most effective, energy efficient aerator available… and the most affordable. Simplified design and creative engineering have produced a superior product.

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Floating Aerators Product line

  • HORIBA - Model ES-51 - Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity Meter

    This conductivity meter measures conductivity, resistivity and salt in water solutions. It is a field type, with a waterproof case, and is easy to hold and move. It enables anyone to conduct high-precision measurement, anytime and anywhere. Naturally it can be used by specialists at research institutions, but it can be also be used in wide range ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity Meter Product line

  • Silica Gel

    Dynamic Adsorbents’ silica gels are carefully manufactured and quality assured to provide the ideal laboratory and pilot process chromatographic material. As with alumina, independent tests have shown that DAI produces the highest quality silica gel on the market today.In addition, we carefully control the manufacturing process from raw ...

    By Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Nordic Scientific - Ice Flaking Machine

    An automatic Ice machine for your hygienic Ice flakes requirement in research laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, biotechnological and hotel industries. The machine utilizes running tap water and converts it in the form of ice flakes continuously. It is a compact, self contained unit, covering less floor area & easily ...

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

  • MacroRhizons - For Field Research

    MacroRhizons are developed for field research. They have a porous part with an outer diameter of 4.5 mm and a pore size of 0.15 µm. MacroRhizons are only available with female luer lock, suitable for creating a vacuum with syringes. The yield of water is approximately 20 ml/minute.

    By Rhizosphere Research Products B.V. based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Cutthroat Flume

    The Cutthroat flume, so named due to the absence of a parallel-wall throat section (as on the Parshall flume), was designed for flat gradient channels. Commonly used in stream gauging and agricultural applications, the use of the Cutthroat flume is now expanding into sanitary and flow splitting applications. Developed in the mid-1960's the Utah ...

    By TRACOM Inc. based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Cutthroat Flume Product line

  • Steri - Parts Washer

    The SteriWasher Parts Washer is an innovative new robust, heavy duty validateable Parts Washer, developed for use in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage, healthcare and other critical sectors. Accessed via a robust hinged door, the washing chamber is constructed from 316 stainless steel and is of hygienic construction. ...

    By Suncombe Ltd based in Brimsdown, Enfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Parts Washer Product line

  • Cool-Line - Model D - Global Standard Cooler

    AKG CooL-Line is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance aluminum cooling systems. AKG is best known for its world-wide presence, German engineering and extremely reliable product quality on the one hand and very competitive prices on the other hand.

    By AKG of America Inc. based in Mebane, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Global Standard Cooler Product line

  • Cool-Line - Model H - Global Standard Cooler

    AKG CooL-Line is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance aluminum cooling systems. AKG is best known for its world-wide presence, German engineering and extremely reliable product quality on the one hand and very competitive prices on the other hand.

    By AKG of America Inc. based in Mebane, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Global Standard Cooler Product line

  • Water-cooled 7-LED band Plant Research Rig

    Full light spectrum with above sunlight intensity with LED bands from UVA to IR light. This 2ft 4 inch by 3ft LED rig can be equipped with both manual dimmers, or computer controlled. Must be used with water cooling. Stand alone heat exchangeer can be supplied. Designed for UL-field certification.

    By Intravision Group AS based in Oslo, NORWAY.

  • Watreco - Vortex Flow Phenomena Degassing Unit

    Macroscopic and microscopic gas bubbles in water will be pulled into the low-pressure zone in the vortex chamber. The low pressure will cause them to expand and gather into large bubbles that can be easily extracted downstream the vortex generator. Dissolved gases are not generally affected by this process. Substances that gather at bubble ...

    By Watreco AB based in Åkarp, SWEDEN.

  • ULTRA-TURRAX - Model T 25 - Digital Dispersers

    High-performance dispersing instrument for volumes from 1 – 2000 ml (H2O) with digital speed display. It offers a wide speed range from 3000 – 25,000 rpm that enables users to work at high circumferential speeds even with small rotor diameters. A broad choice of dispersing elements adds versatility. Applications ranges from ...

    By IKA Works Inc based in Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Digital Dispersers Product line

  • Front safety - Model FSFH1200P - PP fume hood

    PP fume hoods have the characteristics of strong acid and alkali resistance and anti-corrosion, it is widely applied in chemical, medical, vehicle, steel factory, university and scientific research institution, etc.Model FSFH1200P FSFH1500P FSFH1800PDimensions (HxWxD mm) 2350x1200x800 2350x1500x800 2350x1800x800Table top PP(Polypropylene) plate or ...

  • Model OLS200 - Combined Orbital / Linear Shaking Bath

    The Grant OLS200 orbital/linear shaking bath combines Grant's high precision temperature control with a robust high quality, patented shaking mechanism that works smoothly and consistently in demanding laboratory applications.

    By Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Combined Orbital / Linear Shaking Bath Product line

  • Active Anti Odour Filters

    Many years of experience in water treating, research and technology development have enabled us to design devices which effectively eliminate volatile organic and inorganic chemical substances. Active anti-odour filters are individually designed and adapted to the actual conditions of the facility it will operate in.

    By Ecol-Unicon based in Gdańsk, POLAND. from Active Anti Odour Filters Product line

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