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flood water Equipment

  • Check Flap

    The Check Flap is designed to prevent backflows at sewer overflow locations as well as in retention tanks and basins. Receiving stream outlets can also be equipped with the Check Flap for flood control applications. In case of rising down-stream water levels the Check Flap will prevent water from getting into the sewer system. Overloading of sewer ...

    By bgu-Umweltschutzanlagen GmbH based in Bretzfeld, GERMANY. from Flood Protection Product line

  • Model ACU-FLAP - Check Element System

    The ACU-FLAP Check Element System is designed to prevent flooding and backflows caused by high downstream water levels. The ACU-FLAP can and has been installed at combined sewer overflow (CSO) locations, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) locations, retention tank overflows and basin overflows. Overloading of sewer systems and sewage treatment plants ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flood Protection Product line

  • Model SURE-FLAP - Check Flap System

    The SURE-FLAP Check Flap System is designed to prevent flooding and backflows caused by high downstream water levels. The SURE-FLAP can and has been installed at combined sewer overflow (CSO) locations, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) locations, retention tank overflows and basin overflows. Overloading of sewer systems and sewage treatment plants is ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flood Protection Product line

  • Sewer Non-Return Valves

    Our range of NRVs includes the unique flusher available in PVC as a DIY installation device, or in custom-made, stainless steel solutions for on-site installation into main water company sewers. Produced in a variety of sizes from 1.25”/1.5” for domestic sinks, washing machines and similar, the NRV ranges from 100mm to 375mm versions ...

    By Aquobex based in WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flood Protection Products Product line

  • HydroSlide - Flow Control Regulators

    With increasing demands upon the control of flows within water systems the modern mechanical flow control regulators are now required to provide increasingly accurate and reliable operation. The HydroSlide flow regulator provides a proven cost effective technique for regulating flows from as little as 2 litres/s. The float activated mechanism of ...

    By Hydrok UK Ltd. based in Indian Queens, St Columb, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flow Control & Flood Alleviation Product line

  • IBS - Demountable Flood Protection Systems

    The IBS demountable flood protection system enables the erection of a temporary flood defence wall to protect against flooding whilst leaving the landscape largely unchanged during normal circumstances. It is used in many applications including community flood protection, road and railway closures, industrial and commercial premises and also ...

    By IBS Engineered Products Ltd based in Doncaster, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flood Protection Systems Product line

  • Mobile / Demountable Walls as Flood Protection Systems

    A mobile protection system enables the elevation of flood protection systems while leaving the townscape, the sight and the traffic conditions to and across the river largely unchanged. It therefore preserves the identity and appeal of the city as well as the attractiveness and quality of life of the real estate properties close to the river. In ...

    By IBS GmbH based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY. from Flood Protection Systems Product line

  • Model Help Improve Water Quality for Rivers and Streams - Papa Pumps

    Papa pumps can be used throughout sensitive river / stream catchments to help reduce access of livstock to rivers by allowing large scale fencing programmes. Also it can be used in winter to pump water to storage tanks or pools, where it might otherwise cause sudden floods downstream- this of course helps reduce polluted water joining rivers.

    By Papa Pumps based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    OTT RLS - Radar level sensor

    The OTT RLS Radar Level Sensor is a non-contact radar level sensor that is ideal for measuring surface water in remote or hard to reach locations. The RLS accurately and efficiently measures surface water level at an accuracy of ┬▒0.01 ft. Approximately 16 individual measurements are conducted each second and averaged after 20 seconds to minimize ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Water Level Sensors - Non-contact Product line

  • Aqua-Barrier / WIPP Systems

    Water management and control is a significant problem (1) during construction and (2) during flooding events. Hydrological Solutions, Inc. in the manufacturer of these innovative products that solve water retention problems in a cost-effective, innovative manner.

    By StableEarth Products, Inc. based in Grand Chute, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Control Product line

  • BIOGEST AG - Type Alpheus AH - Flow Regulator for Flood Protection

    Flood protection measures requires devices developed to be particularly suited to this. The outflow from storm water detention basins must be constantly throttled to protect downstream villages. A suitable throttle unit should not only provide 'aquatic passability' (DIN 19700) i.e. for swimming fauna, but there should also be an escape flap ...

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Alpheus AH Product line

  • HLS - Flood Warning Systems

    HLS have installed over 650 flood warning sites for over 65 councils and land drainage authorities, throughout the UK. We are therefore the UK leading independent provider of flood warning systems to local authorities.

    By Hydro-Logic Services based in Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Protectin Disks

    Flood disasters in recent years have made it dramatically clear that existing embankments or dykes, walls and river-bank strengthening, based on the data available when they were built, are no longer able to cope with such volumes of water. This situation is precisely what NOAH HSP floodwater protection panels – a pioneering high-efficiency ...

    By NOAH GmbH Water Secure Systems based in Stollberg (DE), GERMANY.

  • Fish Guidance for Drinking Water Abstraction, Flood Defence, Irrigation & Drainage Systems

    Many drinking water intakes are located on rivers where salmon and eels migrate, and FGS’s systems have proved a cost effective solution to screening the intakes to protect both the migrating as well as the resident fish populations. FGS has supplied behavioural systems to the majority of the UK’s water utility companies.

  • WaStop - Check Valve for Waste Water and Storm Water Sewers

    WaStop prevents flooding and sewage odour spreading in pipes. WaStop check valve is built into a pipe and can be installed in the majority of pipe systems. WaStop can be mounted in any position from horizontal to vertical. The check valve is constructed from a rubber membrane which stops reverse flow. When the flow is in the right direction the ...

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Waste Water Products Product line

  • JFC - Model Hydro-Valve - Vortex Flow Control

    The Hydro-Valve is a vortex flow control device for throttling the flow rate of stormwater before discharge into a local storm drain or water course. It is available in a range of sizes with varying flow rates to suit all specifications. It is used to control the flow of stormwater from the attenuation tank preventing downstream flooding during ...

    By JFC Manufacturing Co Ltd based in Tuam, IRELAND. from Storm Water Management Systems Product line

  • OTT Maximum Level Gauge

    The maximum level gauges show the highest tide wave / surface water level by color marking. They are maximum level indicators for preservation of evidence and offer exact data for a later treatment of a flood event. In a measuring cylinder made of safety glass there is a 1 m long glass-fiber reinforced plastic measuring rod with cm-E-partition and ...

    By OTT Hydromet - a member of Hach Company based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Surface Water Level Meters Product line

  • Kessel - Backwater Pumps

    Used widely as a flood protection measure, the system successfully pumps against backwater flow - wastewater is never allowed to build up, even in the presence of backwater. So whether protecting individual drainage fixtures such as sinks, showers and bath tubs or integrating a backwater / anti-flood valve or pump into a floor drain, we can advise ...

    By Source One Environmental Ltd based in Barnsley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Management - Kessel Backwater Protection Product line

  • Clean and Grey Water Drainage Pump

    A submersible pump that stays cool when not completely submerged.Choose double case submersible pumps when the pump may be at risk of only being partially submerged.  The double case allows for full water flow around the pump motor for superior cooling and a longer pump life.Double case pumps are capable of pumping clean water with a ...

    By Davey Water Products Pty Ltd. based in Scoresby,, AUSTRALIA. from Drainage and Tank Water Pumps Product line

  • Hailea - Model hx-800 285lph - Water Pump

    Hailea  Liquid pumps suitable for hydroponics, ponds, tanks and general use, that can work in low water. These versatile little pumps have fully adjustable low rate regulators (not HX-2500) and have the ability to work in low water conditions. HX-2500 and HX-4500 also come with the added bonus of an oxygen mixing unit as standard.

    By Hydro-Grow UK Ltd based in lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pumps & Water Control Product line

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