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Model Help Improve Water Quality for Rivers and Streams - Papa Pumps

by Papa Pumps     based in UNITED KINGDOM

Papa pumps can be used throughout sensitive river / stream catchments to help reduce access of livstock to rivers by allowing large scale fencing programmes. Also it can be used in winter to pump water to storage tanks or pools, where it might otherwise cause sudden floods downstream- this of course helps reduce polluted water joining rivers.

OPEC - Permanent Oil Booms

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd     based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM

The 'Boom' Industry Is as wide as it is long. There are many different types of booms for a varied number of applications. Solid buoyancy booms are associated with permanent installations that can be used for a multitude of uses. Using GRP polyethylene filled floats this range of booms can be used as a debris screen on rivers, canals or reservoirs ...

Model BL/45 Series - Anti Pollution Containment Boom

by Zenit Ambiente S.r.l.     based in La Spezia, ITALY

BL/45 is a boom designed and built to provide for the traditional inconveniences that the other booms may happen to have. In fact, BL/45 is extremely light (only 1.3 Kg./m.) and has a very small volume (the 12 m. units, accordion folded, measure 45x70x45 cm.), which makes it ideal for being used in mountain streams, rivers and canals.

Beach Seal Boom

by Zwanny-Ltd     based in Cwmbran, UNITED KINGDOM

Beach sealing booms provide an excellent seal against the shoreline in tidal areas: strong currents ,areas exposed to strong tidal movements, rivers, estuaries and sheltered waters Construction beach sealing booms have a triangular cross-section with a continuous air-filled tube above and two water-filled ballast chambers below. The air filled ...

River Water Monitoring

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Monitoring of river water is essential to maintain water quality. Human activities and products are almost exclusively responsible for pollution. Industrial sites, urban infrastructure and development, agriculture, transport, and deliberate or accidental pollution all adversely affect river water quality. Geology also plays a significant role with ...

River Water Improvement

by Pollution Engineering Sdn.Bhd.     based in Balakong, MALAYSIA

Apart from industrial wastewater and sewage, PEMSB also provides technological solutions to improve quality of rivers and ponds in Malaysia.

Trashmesh Boom As Water Pollution Prevention

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Trashmesh Boom, also known as trashmesh log boom, to control floatable debris as water pollution prevention. Used to control Styrofoam pollution and debris in lakes, rivers, spillways, and reservoirs. Made from galvanized or stainless steel.

Gunderboom - Beach Protection System

by Gunderboom, Inc     based in Anchorage, ALASKA (USA)

Every summer around the world, beaches are closed when high bacteria levels are detected or waste litters the shore. Gunderboom's BPS is an affordable, ecologically sound solution to the problem of beach contamination. The BPS is an aquatic filter barrier system that protects swimming beaches and other shoreline resources from high levels of ...

Stormceptor - Submerged Stormceptor

by Rinker Materials     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The Submerged Stormceptor can accommodate a partially or fully submerged pipe application. Submergence is common in areas close to lakes, rivers, coastal areas and areas with high groundwater tables. The insert in these applications has a custom weir height and second drop pipe set at the existing water elevation. Both the weir height and the ...

HYDROBEND - Model GNA CSO - Bending Weir

by Gabriel Novac & Associates Inc.     based in Plattsburgh, NEW YORK (USA)

The GNA CSO HYDROBEND bending weir is designed to have the same flow capacity as a standard overflow weir operating under the same maximum design head and weir length, but is designed so that overflow will only occur when the maximum design water level is reached.

Water Management

by HeidelbergCement     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

HeidelbergCement has committed itself to the goal of mitigating the impact of its activities on natural water resources to the greatest extent possible. We comply with stringent environmental regulations to ensure that raw material quarrying will not damage local bodies of surface water and ground water resources. HeidelbergCement does not have a ...

RanMarine - Maritime and Waste-management System

by RanMarine Technology     based in NETHERLANDS

RanMarine is an environmental technologies solutions company. Based in The Netherlands, we focus specifically on maritime and waste-management innovations in the AquaDrone space. 

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