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Water Risk equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    DPX New - Water-free, less hazardous mounting medium for Histology

    DPX new is a water free mounting medium for microscopy processes with xylene that can completely substitute the previously used DPX, water-free mounting medium for microscopy, in all its applications. Although DPX new still contains xylene, the teratogenic ingredient Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is missing. Its new composition is not only ...

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    Hughes Safety - Model EXP-AH-2G - Wall Mounted Outdoor Freeze-Protected Emergency Safety Shower

    Wall-mounted trace tape heated and pre-insulated drench shower with galvanised mild steel pipework. Suitable for hazardous environments, this freeze-protected and insulated emergency safety shower is intended for use where there is a possibility of the water inside the shower freezing due to extreme cold climates. Wall-mounted unit, ideal for use ...

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    Hughes Safety - Model EXP-EJ-2G - Wall-Mounted Pre-Insulated Drench Shower

    Wall-mounted pre-insulated drench shower with alternative water inlet and galvanised steel pipework. This freeze-protected and insulated emergency safety shower is suitable for hazardous environments. Wall-mounted unit, ideal for use where space is at a premium.

  • Risk Management Consulting

    HydroChem's experienced risk management consulting team identifies and assesses the risks associated with water systems and recommends control measures to manage the risks that could threaten people and assets.

    By Hydro-Chem Pty Ltd based in Cheltenham, AUSTRALIA.

  • Treat - Model 5 - Water Treatment Unit

    Unsuitable water in the temperature control circuit promotes scaling and corrosion, thus raising maintenance costs and risking premature failures. The risk increases for water temperatures above 140 °C, rotary feedthroughs, or small channel cross sections. Treat-5 supplies temperature control units with system water of defined quality. It ...

    By HB-Therm AG based in Postfach, SWITZERLAND.

  • Minifog - Model XP - Marine High Pressure Water Mist System

    The special conditions at sea mean that safety is an incredibly important issue for ships. The aim is to prevent any danger to make sure everything runs smoothly on board. And the key safety issue for passenger ships is of course the people on board. Ships are subject to a whole range of fire risks, which means fire protection on board has to be ...

    By Aksis Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. based in Tuzla / İstanbul, TURKEY.

  • BIO-H2-GEN - Climate & Fresh Water Loss

    Fresh Water is a Finite Resource; it must be managed well. Everybody needs and uses fresh water. Of all the water you can think of, including the oceans, only 2 ½ % is FRESH WATER. That is ALL the world has and over 65% is locked up in the polar ice caps. If they melt into the oceans then that “fresh water” is gone!.

    By BIO-H2-GEN Inc. Research & Development based in ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model CON29DW - Drainage and Water Searches

    Launched by The Law Society in 2002, the CON29 Drainage and Water Enquiry is an essential part of the conveyancing process. Our CON29DW report provides the details a homebuyer needs regarding water and sewerage connections on their proposed property or land purchase and protects them from unnecessary risks and costs in the future. The report ...

    By Geodesys (Anglian Water) based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drainage and Water Searches Product line

  • Model JM-3080 - Gas Jet

    The JM-3080 gives you the increased cleaning power of 8 gpm without risking pump damage if your water supply can’t match the pump demand. A 12 gallon buffer tank gives you the safety margin you need when using a high flow water jet to clear larger and more difficult lines. A 614 cc Honda engine with electric start drives a 3000 psi ...

    By General Pipe Cleaners, division of General Wire Spring Company based in McKees Rocks, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Gas Jet Product line

  • Model E.DOC-SC - Effluent Dynamic Oxidation Chamber & Water Scrubber

    Dynamic Oxidation coupled with a water scrubber is the safest and most cost effective abatement solution for pyrophoric, and water soluble gases. All wetted parts are coated with a proprietary corrosion resistant material. All construction material is non combustible to eliminate the risk of fire.

    By Pure Air Systems based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Septic/On Line/Water Tanks

    For many years, rotational molding has proven to be the ideal method of producing a seamless, one-piece poly tank that minimizes the risk of leaking.  In addition, polyethylene tanks because of their excellent corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility is the ideal material for on-site applications.  And when properly molded, ...

    By Sierra Sales Double Wall Plastic Tanks based in Perkasie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Water Mist Systems

    Drastically reduced protected risk temperature in fire. Appropriate to deep seated fires.  Appropriate to flammable liquid fires, eliminating fire burnback. Minimal water damage (using reduced amount water). There're not breakdown products generated. Ecological: it's not harming environmentally.

    By Acuar based in Malaga, SPAIN.

  • Low Risk System

    Health Departments need to be sure that water being used for pool filling is safe for human contact. The CircleClear backwash water recovery system removes all micro-organisms from backwash water to make it safe. The pore size of the desalination (RO) membrane is less than 0.001 micron, Virus sizes are from 0.008 – 0.1 microns, bacteria ...

    By Dioxide Pacific Consulting Engineers based in Narrabeen, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model FR WG 46-FG - Food Grade Lubricants

    This ISO-46, Water-Glycol, Hydraulic Fluid was designed for food processing applications that require a product to be used in the areas using fryers, ovens, cookers or any other methods requiring heat applications. Most insurance companies and risk management organizations recognize the extra requirements needed using mineral oil based hydraulic ...

    By American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) based in Fowlerville, MICHIGAN (USA). from Food Grade Lubricants Product line

  • Legionella Detection

    Legionella is a strong survivor in artificial water systems. It reaches buildings and facilities through water supply and distribution networks. It can develop and multiply itself quickly reaching dangerous concentrations. Next, if channeled through aerosols, it has a high likelihood of infecting humans. Timely action in risk facilities is crucial ...

    By IRIS Technologies International GmbH based in Olathe, KANSAS (USA). from Legionella Detection Product line

  • SAT - Pneumatic Pump No-Metal Parts

    SAT No-Metal Parts Pumps are pneumatic bellow pumps. The SAT Ultrapure pumps are the result of a R&D project in connection with the company history. The pumps belong to the category 'no metal-parts' because there are no internal metal parts in contact with the fluids, or in the external parts not directly in contact with the fluids. This means ...

    By SAT Group based in Catania, ITALY. from Pneumatic Pump No-Metal Parts Product line

  • URYXXON - Model 500 - Urine Strip Reader

    The URYXXON 500 is an automatic reader for URYXXON Stick 10 urine test strips. With a capacity of 400 strips per hour, it is ideal for use in hospitals and practices. The “easy-to-use-features” allow hygienic operation with hardly any training . The URYXXON 500 provides dependable urine status results to detect early stages of many ...

    By Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co. KG based in Düren, GERMANY. from Urine Strip Reader Product line

  • Model SST-02 - Stainless Steel Tank

    We offerStainless Steel Tank, which is available with in-built heating filament with temperature. Made using quality grades of raw material, these ensure durability. Use of high grades of nickel avoids corrosion and offer the product desired durability and strength.

    By Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd based in UAE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Stainless Steel Tank Product line

  • Metric Compression Fittings for Recycled Water

    The metric compression fittings range for recycled water are made with bright purple nuts to clearly identify a recycled water pipe connection. This greatly reduces the risk of a cross connection between recycled and potable water systems in dual reticulation applications. The range is currently available in sizes 20-32mm, however it can be ...

    By Philmac Pty Ltd based in North Plympton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Poseidon - Multi Stage Storm Water Filters

    The Poseidon Multi Stage Filter is a multipurpose catch basin insert designed to capture  sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from storm water runoff. A proprietary design allows 100% Overflow Bypass in times of high flow, reducing the risk of  flooding while still retaining trapped pollutants. Its unique design also allows the ...

    By Stormwater Industries, Inc. based in Camarillo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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