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  • Offshore Rigs - Case Study

    Offshore Rigs - Case Study

    3600 Protection for Offshore Oil and Gas Rigs Offshore rigs represent a critical and complex security challenge, with billions of dollars in product, machinery, and infrastructure in play. Growing demand, coupled with the ongoing discovery of new oil and gas fields, has the global market growth of offshore enterprises projected to reach a value of $43.07 billion by 2022. With so much at stake


Equipment & Solutions

  • Storage and Water Treatment Bolted Tanks

    Storage and Water Treatment Bolted Tanks

    Bolted storage W-Tank is a light tank, easy to install and thanks to its corrosion-free composition. The plates of storage W-Tank are manufactured by flex molding process. The Flex Molding process is used to obtain reinforced plastic pieces with high glass fiber content, arranged in the direction of the stress, which leads to high mechanical strength. It consists of injecting a reactive polymer ...

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