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inclined In-channel screen (Water Screens) equipment

  • TurboDrum - Model IN - Inclined In-Channel Drum Screen

    The TurboDrum IN is installed in a channel at a 35 degree angle. For pressure feed applications, the same unit can also be installed as a self-contained TurboTank system. The operation cycle controlled by monitoring differential head loss across the screen is performed by rotating the basket with the process flow entering the internal diameter of ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Inclined In-Channel Drum Screen Product line

  • Travelling Fine Screen - Inclined 2D band screen

    Our Travelling Fine Screen incorporates fabricated panels manufactured from pre-formed stainless steel perforated plate with apertures sized to suit specific applications down to 3mm diameter. Panel design allows easy replacement in case of accidental damage whilst being securely fastened to the special strength 8” (203mm) pitch roller link ...

    By Ham Baker AWE based in Ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model EC 10.04 DI - Inclined Bar Screen

    The inclined multirake screen type EC 10.04 DI is designed for Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks. This equipment is well-fitted for channel up to 6m deep. It continuous cycle allows to deal with a large influent flow. (Slaughter houses,).

    By Eau Claire based in ZA Le Crélin, FRANCE. from Inclined Bar Screen Product line

  • Model EC 10.10 TE & TEC - Inclined Cylindrical Screen

    The inclined cylindrical screen with or without a built-in screw compactor type EC 10.10 TE & TEC is designed for fine screening and small wastewater treatment. Installation is made in a channel with a 35° inclination maximum. This all in one system collects, dewaters and compresses the screenings. Therefore all manual operations by the ...

    By Eau Claire based in ZA Le Crélin, FRANCE. from Inclined Cylindrical Screen Product line

  • Vertical/Inclined Screen

    The vertical/inclined screen is designed to remove the material piled up in channels or water collecting basins. The machine consists of a fixed screen inserted in the bottom thereof, two side shoulders that secure the structure to the reinforced concrete wall and one or more moving screen cleaners (cleaning combs) that have the function of ...

    By FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l. based in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, ITALY. from Vertical/Inclined Screen Product line

  • Premium

    ASTIM - Strain Screen for Cleaning Screw Conveyor

    Strain Screen can be installed directly in a channel or into a separate tank. It is consisting of a screen basket and a cleaning screw conveyor. As the water flows in through the open front end of the screen basket solids are retained on the basket. Strain Screen operation is based upon a compact system that allows the combination of screening, ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Strain Screen for Cleaning Screw Conveyor Product line

  • Huber ROTAMAT - Model Ro 1 - Fine Screen

    The HUBER Fine Screen ROTAMAT® Ro1 is completely made of stainless steel and acid treated in a pickling bath. These screens are either installed directly into the channels, or are supplied as tank-mounted units, with an inclination of 35°. The wastewater flows into the open end of the inclined screen basket and then through the screen. ...

    By Huber SE based in Berching, GERMANY. from Fine Screen Product line

  • Aqua Guard - Model PF - Perforated Plate Media Channel Screen

    The Aqua Guard PF screen is a self-cleaning, in-channel screening device that utilizes perforated plate media to automatically remove a wide range of solids from wastewater.  The screen design is built on the Aqua Guard® bar/filter screen chassis that has been proven successful with over a thousand units installed and in operation. ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Perforated Plate Media Channel Screen Product line

  • WTP - Conveyor Screens

    Cost-effective engineered screenings handling and processing in a single stand-alone unit, available for in channel or packaged applications and ideal for confined space installations – wastewater screenings are collected and processed for easier and less expensive off-site disposal, having reduced volume and odor. Ideal for small to medium ...

    By WTP Equipment Corp. based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Aqua Guard UltraClean - Self Cleaning Moving Media Channel Screen

    The new Aqua Guard UltraClean screen outperformed the standard Aqua Guard screen in side-by-side capture rate tests by over 50%. The new upper UltraClean “head” design makes the Aqua Guard UltraClean superior and it is available for new units or can be rebuilt on existing ones.  The Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ screen, a ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Self Cleaning Moving Media Channel Screen Product line

  • Inlet Works (Screens)

    Fine or coarse screens with rectangular bars, manually or mechanically raked, for the removal of screenings from inlet channels. Hand-raked screen bars are typically inclined at 45° whilst mechanical screens are inclined 15° from the vertical. Lektratek mechanical screens operate on the front-rake principal and have a variable discharge height to ...

    By Lektratek Water Technology based in PotchIndustria, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Perfoplate Screen

    The PERFOPLATE is the ideal machine for the pre-treatment of the wastewater. The PERFOPLATE was designed with attention to the critical design points. For this reason, the PERFOPLATE has no submerged mechanical components. The motion of the chain is carried out only in the upper part, while in the lower zone there is no gear, but only one pair of ...

    By DRYCAKE - Vanderbeken Enterprises Ltd. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Perfoplate Screen Product line

  • Model Type TE - SMH - Coarse Screens

    The coarse screens type TE - SMH are designated for separation of large mechanical impurities from waste water and their transport into a given place. They consist from a sturdy steel body freely dowelled on a bottom of a waste water channel in an agreed angle. The screenings are tipping, which radically simplify their maintenance. Transport of ...

    By Transmisie engineering, a. s. based in Martin, SLOVAKIA. from Coarse Screens Product line

  • Screenmaster - Model CS - Wastewater Bar Screen

    The SCREENMASTER CS provides efficient cleaning of a bar screen rack and removal of solids from rectangular channel installations. This versatile unit employs a simple, yet effective rotary front clean/front return raking mechanism. It installs at a 75° inclination so it has a very small footprint. This streamlined unit is fully enclosed above ...

    By Franklin Miller Inc. based in Livingston, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Wastewater Bar Screen Product line

  • PEGASUS - Model TS-01 - Filtering Screen

    The first Filtering screen PEGASUS ® step screen was installed in Alicante, in October, 1992 in Rodelco, S.A., a private company of the meat sector. The performance and almost null maintenance results, constituted together with the by- pass channel elimination, a new concept in step screen. The characteristic that identifies ...

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Filtering Screen Product line

  • CABLERAKE - Model DB-011 - Automatic Cable Screen

    The Automatic cable screen CABLERAKE is prepared to work continuously or in hard conditions in channels of width above 800 mm. As a correct installation of such machinery, it is recommended to introduce it in channels of very high deepth, in which we cannot implant our hydraulic or chain screens. Such mechanic equipment are constituted by the ...

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Automatic Cable Screen Product line

  • Model GVF - Fine Vertical Screen

    Sub-Vertical Fine Screen Mod. GVF for medium-fine screening of civil and industrial sewage, to be installed in channel. High screening performances with reduced costs Accuracy in construction thanks to the laser technology applied to the manufacture of components Six cleaning rakes included in the standard version Reduced servicing and no need to ...

    By SAVI S.r.l. based in Roncoferraro, ITALY. from Fine Vertical Screen Product line

  • PWL ProCat - Chain Driven Rake Screen

    The PWL ProCat chain driven rake screen UR can be equipped and used as a wedgewire or perforated plate screen. This rake screen combines the advantages of the rugged and durable continuous belt screen with the hydraulic capacity of a screen with one active screening area only – such as step screens or spiral sieves. The PWL ProCat Rake ...

    By PWL GmbH & Co. Anlagentechnik KG based in Bückeburg, GERMANY. from Chain Driven Rake Screen Product line

  • Spiraltec - Spiral Shaftless Cylindrical Screen

    Spiraltec is The All-In-One Shaftless Cylindrical Screw screen that can collect, convey, dewater, and compress the solids from the Waste water. Spiraltec is the solution for small footprints and shallow channels.

    By Aqualitec Corp. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Spiral Shaftless Cylindrical Screen Product line

  • Automatic Cable Rake Screen

    This is a longitudinal cable rake screen. It is ideal for great heights of water or deep shafts, without restrictions on discharge height or channel width. Cleaning is carried out frontally using a rake that travels along a fixed guide on the frame. It is driven by cables.

    By Sorigué, S.A.U. based in Lleida, SPAIN. from Automatic Cable Rake Screen Product line

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