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  • Everything revolves around reliable data at Henk van Tongeren Water & Techniek - Case Study

    Henk van Tongeren Water & Techniek is active in the field of water technology, particularly groundwater technology such as well-point drainage and soil drilling. The Dutch family business often works on civil engineering projects involving concrete and the construction of underground infrastructure. Henk van Tongeren Water & Techniek is increasingly using sensors, modems, and the ...


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  • Correlation Wedge Flow Sensor

    Correlation Wedge Flow Sensor

    Large measurement range for high flow levels: Ultrasonic sensors for flow measurement with very high accuracy in slight to heavily polluted media. For installation on channel wall or channel bottom. CS2 flow velocity sensors are suitable for continuous measurement of slight to heavily polluted media in channels mainly featuring high levels. The wedge-shaped sensors are designed for installation ...