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ASTM International's Masonry Standards for the Building Industry: 6th Edition (CD-ROM)

by ASTM International

This new and improved edition features 104 ASTM masonry standards compiled from 3 volumes of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. It includes specifications for products such as: mason's lime; concrete building brick; building brick and hollow brick (clay or shale); paving brick; hollow and solid load-bearing concrete masonry units; masonry and ...;

Federal Rivers

by IWA Publishing

This ground-breaking book provides a comparative perspective on water and federalism across multiple countries. Through a collection of case studies, this book explores the water management experiences and lessons learned in ten federal countries and China. The territorial division of power in federations, plus the interconnected politics at the ...;

API STD 527 For Petroleum Refining Standards

by American Petroleum Institute (API)

This standard describes methods of determining the seat tightness of metal- and soft-seated pressure relief valves, including those of conventional, bellows, and pilot-operated designs.The maximum acceptable leakage rates are defined for pressure relief valves with set pressures from 15 pounds per square inch gauge (103 kilopascals gauge) to 6,000 ...;

Novel Approaches in Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostic Assays

by Springer

In the medical, food, and environmental fields there is a continuous demand for inexpensive and sensitive analytical devices that are reliable, rapid, capable of high-throughput screening, and have low cost per test unit. Small and portable biosensor devices are designed to fulfill most of these requirements, and can be used in laboratory and ...;

Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation Some Asian Countries

by Earthprint Ltd

The source books emphasize methodologies that work - old and new, engineered and non-engineered, high-tech and appropriate-tech. All have been tried and tested in the field, even if some of the alternative technologies are best described as ‘still experimental'. The authors supply contact names and addresses of agencies and individuals who are ...;

Methods and Measurements of Periphyton Communities: A Review

by ASTM International

This publication, Methods and Measurements of Periphyton Communities: A Review, was sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials through its Committee D19 on Water. R. L. Weitzel, Hazleton Environmental Sciences Corporation, served as editor of this publication.;

Multicylinder Test Sequences for Evaluating Automotive Engine Oils: Part 3: Sequence V-D

by ASTM International

The test method described in this publication has not been subjected to the ASTM Standardization Procedure. It is not a standard or standard recommended practice of the American Society for Testing and Materials.;

The Relationship Between Engine Oil Viscosity and Engine Performance: Part IV

by ASTM International

The present collection of papers on the subject of the Relationship Between Engine Oil Viscosity and Engine Performance is Part IV of a series of symposia on this subject which have been sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Several different facets of the complex relationship ...;

Oil Dispersants: New Ecological Approaches

by ASTM International

A positive and timely look at the use of dispersants to protect the environment. 23 papers include material on: dispersant testing; contingency planning for dispersant use cost effectiveness; new related products; ecological and freshwater dispersant applications; and training for dispersant applications; and training for dispersant use.;

Quantitative Methods to Assess Capacity of Water Treatment to Eliminate Micro-Organisms

by IWA Publishing

Special Offer: KWR Drinking Water Treatment Set - Buy all five books together and save a total £119! Ever since the recognition of the important role of water in the transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms in the 19th century, microbiological safety of drinking water has been a major research issue for microbiologists in the drinking water ...;

Underwater Soil Sampling, Testing, and Construction Control

by ASTM International

This book summarizes techniques for soil sampling and testing in deep water and describes procedures used ton control under water construction. Contains 13 papers including a state-of-the-art review.;

Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment

by IWA Publishing

Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment covers elements of water engineering and policy making in the sustainable construction of buildings with a focus on case studies from Panama and Kenya.  It provides comprehensive information based on case studies, experimental data, interviews, and in-depth research. The book focuses on the ...;

Tribology of Hydraulic Pump Testing

by ASTM International

STP 1310 is the only publication of its kind addressing the critically important area of modeling and testing hydraulic fluid lubrication regimes in hydraulic pumps. In addition to an in-depth overview, 28 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers cover the following keyareas:Lubrication Fundamentals -- 4 papers explore the potential application of basic ...;

Water Hydraulics: Fundamentals for the Water and Wastewater Maintenance Operator

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

This is the only book series devoted to explaining the full range of specialized areas required of water and wastewater plant operators. Each volume is designed to give operators the basic knowledge of a subject needed for certification, licensure, and improved job performance. Checkpoints, self-tests and a final examination with questions based ...;

Symposium on Stability of Distillate Fuel Oils

by ASTM International

Eight papers include stability, measurement, incompatibility of fuels, tests for stability, requirements, gels, burner nozzles, and general problem reviews.;

Oxidation and the Testing of Turbine Oils

by ASTM International

Ten peer-reviewed papers cover the latest industry trends on suffering points, evolving lubricant /antioxidant additive technologies, and changing equipment designs and operating conditions, with a focus on how these factors impact oxidation. It addresses how to improve current ASTM bench tests used as predicative tools for measuring oxidative ...;

Corrosion in Natural Waters

by ASTM International

Presents 7 papers on the degradation of metallic materials in natural or nearly natural waters: • Seawater Corrosivity Around the World: Results from Three Years of Testing • Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Waters Containing Chloride and Sulfate Ions • Corrosion Fatigue Testing of Steels as Applicable to Offshore ...;

Ecotoxicological Testing of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems: Emerging Techniques, Trends and Strategies

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Focusing on state-of-the-art biological testing and methods used for aquatic ecosystem health assessment, Ecotoxicological Testing of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems evaluates the latest bioassay techniques and different types of water and sediment quality assessments. The book also explores multi-tiered approaches to making recommendations for ...;

Adjunct to C16 Test Method for Load Testing Refractory Brick at High Temperatures

by ASTM International

This adjunct consists of three technical drawings for assembling a furnace and a loading device - Direct Load-Type-Furnace Oil or Gas Fired (18 by 12 in.) and Electrically Fired (24 by 34 in.) and Lever-Load-Type Furnace (11 by 8.5 in.);

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