Water Treatment equipment for Water and Wastewater in North Dakota

  • Biological Drying Systems

    Biological drying is the reduction of water content from a high-moisture organic material through the internal heating of that material by biological oxidation. From all outward appearances, ‘biological drying’ and ‘composting’ are identical processes and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. The fundamental ...

    By BacTee Systems, Inc. based in Grand Forks, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Systems Product line

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    ACME - Scraper Strainer Advantage Over Backwash

    Acme scraper strainers resist clogging and fouling when faced with large solids and high solids concentration. Backwash strainers cannot remove oversize solids and will clog, requiring manual removal of the solids and cleaning of the filtration screen.

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Distributor in West Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Strainers Product line

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    CLEARTREAT - Model 1000 Series - Clay-Based Agglomeration Material

    CLEARTREAT 1000 Series is a clay-based agglomeration material in powder/granular form for treating industrial wastewater. Its function is to add suspended solids to waste streams whose total dissolved and suspended solids are not adequate in quality or characteristic to afford  proper flocculation.

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc. Distributor in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Water Treatment Product line

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    CLEARTREAT - Clay Based Product for Waste Water Treatment

    The CLEARTREAT family of products are a blend of clay, pH adjusting items and polymers designed for use in treating industrial wastewater. These blends can be custom formulated to address specific requirements.

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc. Distributor in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Water Treatment Product line

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    CLEARTREAT - Model 2000 Series - Clay-Based Products

    CLEARTREAT 2000 Series are predominantly clay-based products designed to be used in treating industrial wastewater exhibiting a broad range of characteristics. They are very effective as a one step treatment for removing organic and inorganic solids such as heavy metals and emulsified oils from discharges generated during various industrial ...

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc. Distributor in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Water Treatment Product line

  • NEFCO - Fiberglass Weir and Scum Baffle Systems

    Weirs and scum baffles are the ever-present nuts and bolts of the treatment plant, where the versatility and durability of fiberglass makes it the material of choice for this equipment.

    By NEFCO, Inc. Distributor in NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Aquapoint - Model AquaCELL & AquaFAS - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Aquapoint’s AquaCELL (MBBR) and AquaFAS (IFAS) technologies are fixed film biological wastewater treatment processes in which thousands of submerged polyethylene (HDPE) biofilm carriers operate in motion within an aerated or mixed basin. Each carrier element incorporates multiple cells of protected surface area to sustain a dense community ...

    By Aquapoint Distributor in NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Aquapoint Bioclere - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Bioclere is a modified trickling filter over a clarifier that is designed to treat wastewater with varying organic and nutrient concentrations. It’s natural fixed film biological treatment process is resilient, flexible, compact and simple to operate. The modular units can be installed in parallel to treat large flows or in series to achieve ...

    By Aquapoint Distributor in NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

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